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Succubus queen outfit info

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Hopefully this helps people decide what dyes they might need or whether they can mix and match the outfit with other outfits/armor just in case they are thinking of getting the set.

The stats are the same as other premium outfits and the "set bonus" simply refers to the number of outfit slots filled, so you can mix and match with other premium outfits and still get the full bonus for 5 slots. Technically, you can mix and match with non-premium outfits too but the non-premium outfits have a lower bonus on the pieces itself, so you will miss out on some stats.

The colours are fixed (every set has the same default colours) and these are the default colours :


The colours seem to be similar to what the Succubus Queen wears, except that the chest's colour 1 is a faint metallic blue (looks like white at first glance) instead of the succubus queen's metallic black, and the boots are white instead of black.

I'm not sure what the exact RGB colour codes are (I don't think the game shows that info), but the black for the Succubus Queen's actual outfit isn't 25 25 25 black, it's a lighter shade of black. I tested 25 25 25 black in the dye shop and it was far too dark.

This is how the full set looks in the dye shop, with default colours :

Front view : http://i.imgur.com/rrDGgO4.jpg

Back view : http://i.imgur.com/KVCJRko.jpg

Actual Succubus Queen for comparison : http://i.imgur.com/djZJiJ1.jpg

The outfit comes with pantyhose that is similar to the Heroine Inner Armor, and a transparent brown inner bra. The Succubus Queen herself doesn't have the inner bra, only the metallic cup and "bones". IMHO, the brown inner bra looks out of place, you have this ugly transparent brown material covering part of the breasts and it just doesn't look good, especially as it doesn't match the color of the metallic portions.

Side view of the inner bra : http://i.imgur.com/dMsqKfa.jpg

The outfit also overrides any inner you may have. Normal outfits don't override your inner and simply go ontop of it, which can result in conflicting combination like visible bra straps, garter belts, etc. This isn't an issue with the Succubus Queen outfit.

Unfortunately, you cannot dye the pantyhose or cloth inner bra.

Note that the lighting in the succubus queen phase 2 room seems to have a blue tint to it, which is why the metallic portions of her chest armor look like blue-silver in the screenshot (and in game) instead of brown. But you can see that her wings (which share the same color) are brown in the above screenshot. With the default colours, the metallic portions of your chest will also look like blue-silver in the second phase room, despite actually being brown.

The set is weird, in that it behaves strangely if you do not wear both the chest/skirt at the same time. For example, the wings do not appear at all unless you have both the chest/skirt equipped. Also, the skirt's colors are completely ignored when you have both the chest/skirt displayed, so there is no point in dyeing the skirt if you want to display both at the same time.

The dyeable parts of the chest (the green parts for easy visibility) :

Colour 1 front view : http://i.imgur.com/xFvaDOK.jpg

Colour 1 rear view : http://i.imgur.com/zU2EFxn.jpg

Colour 1 is for the metallic part of the bra, the wing bones, the cloth for the upper arm, and the crotch area.

Colour 2 front view : http://i.imgur.com/OTGHxL8.jpg

Colour 2 rear view : http://i.imgur.com/0Tc451c.jpg

Colour 2 is for most of the metal parts of the armor (armguards and chest mainly) and the skin portion of the wings.

Colour 3 rear view : http://i.imgur.com/ZY9szjP.jpg

Colour 3 is for the most of the cloth parts of the armor, such as the rear skirt and lower cloth arm guards. Rear view only because most of it is only visible from the rear.

This is what the chest/skirt looks like if you wear them seperately :

Chest only, front view : http://i.imgur.com/pULULG5.jpg

Chest only, rear view : http://i.imgur.com/iALe2q3.jpg

The parts that can be dyed are the same, except that you cannot dye the crotch area/wings as they are only visible when worn together with the skirt.

Skirt only, front view : http://i.imgur.com/TBzdxed.jpg

Skirt only, rear view : http://i.imgur.com/ByYbUDC.jpg

Dyeable parts of the skirt (only visible if the chest is NOT displayed) :

Colour 1, front view : http://i.imgur.com/V11rChv.jpg

Colour 1
, rear view : http://i.imgur.com/44jvfev.jpg

Colour 1 is the crotch area.

Coour 2, front view : http://i.imgur.com/wZf0ufq.jpg

Colour 2, rear view : http://i.imgur.com/Jz9lbmR.jpg

Colour 2 is just the part above the crotch.

Colour 3, rear view : http://i.imgur.com/QTYRnoW.jpg

Colour 3 is just the cloth skirt at the rear.

Clipping issue : If wearing the succubus top (the one that the normal succubus wears, you have to fuse it to armor) with the succubus queen skirt, there is a weird clipping issue : http://i.imgur.com/T55JJMk.jpg

The clipping issue is also visible if worn with the steampunk heroine top (outfit slot) with the succubus queen skirt. But there is no clipping issue when worn with the heremon soft top (armor) + succubus queen skirt. Some combinations of armor or outfit seems to cause it, while other combinations are fine.

Also, If anyone knows what the RGB code is for the succubus queen top's color 1, the faint metallic blue, that would be great. I haven't been able to find any colors like it so far and it looks pretty good, really subtle.


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    can you post a pic of the top + oracle fox bottom combo,
  • Question2Question2
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    Suhpreme wrote: »
    can you post a pic of the top + oracle fox bottom combo,

    Yes, gift me the oracle fox set and I can take a screenshot of it.
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    You should try reading research journals sometime. They don't even use proper spacing to save money on printing costs.

    Just look at the links if you want to see the screenshots.
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    That's very useful for those who consider buying the set, good job +best
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    Suhpreme wrote: »
    can you post a pic of the top + oracle fox bottom combo,

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    Thank you so much for this! It's really appreciated!!