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Put in Resenlian Wings permanent in the depot

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We all need this.


  • YurehaYureha
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    Nope, quick battle menu's coming , i wouldn't buy it with NX. Throw it in the AP shop instead.
  • RankZRankZ
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    This NX item is incredibly useful for leveling and traveling around endgame, I don't understand why this isn't available in the cash shop, it would be an instant purchase for me. A lot of time is wasted in the game having to load map and travel slowly from place to place. These wings save me a lot of time leveling my characters, and even on my lvl 90 it saves me time from having to go from place to place just to repair/buy items, etc. Please make this NX item available in the cash shop as it is a hidden gem that most people don't know about.
  • MastaMasta
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    I would definitely pay for something like this!

  • lordofrangerlordofranger
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    better yet they attach to the VVIP instead of it being an entirely separate item