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Neamhain Practice Boats

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The title pretty much describes the idea I want to throw in. Just in case there are people who still want to improve their game play in a dungeon where no practice coupon is available, here is a recommended solution: We should organize practice parties, according to the level of mastery each player has on this specific dungeon. Further, I will go through the details of what I have in mind and shall see if there is anyone else sharing the same idea. Going through the forum I did not find a similar post, if there is one, please notify me.
First of all, going into this dungeon solo does not provide efficient training. Unless you are training at how to go through the first phase (only Neit), going solo does nothing but to tire you until you get to fight Neamhain. Then again you may know how to fight Neamhain until at x8 hp bar but have no experience dodging the spears of Babylon Gate. And so forth and so on, going through the dungeon's phases require knowing how to dodge different stuff. It is clear though that if you keep practicing solo you never gonna get to some stages assuming you use an averaged geared char.
Having said so, what I recommend is quite simple. Premade parties should be organised according to each member's level of mastery of this dungeon (assuming the ones interested are enough to fill multiple parties and assuming a host is provided). Ideally, parties of the following streangth should be arranged:
Level 1: Those unfamiliar with Neamhain whatsoever. As I mentioned previously, going solo is going to train someone at fist phase where only Neit is on stage, so there is no point of organizing a party for that. So, logic indicates to start with those who have trouble facing Neamhain.
Level 2: x8-x4 hp bar Neamhain training. During that phases one is required to be able to survive some additional Neit aoes, babylon gate and x6 Neit aoe. So, a training party focusing in those particular stages is required.
Level 3: Finally, x4 hp bar stage of Neamhain is the most challenging and needs it's own training session. Needless to say more.
Important note: for this to work everyone should have watched a video of his class game play in order to have an idea of what is going on through stages and how each class is able to deal with it.

Now, this is up to those who are interested in training sessions to make this happen. Sadly, I cannot host myself, so hosts will be needed. Feel free to apply via comment section or private message in forum (I'm switching chars often so there is no point searching me in game). For starters, I'm going to gather applications if any, to see if this is possible to be organised and see how it goes. Please in your application include weather you are able to host full party or not, the level of training you wish to receive and time in CEST you are online. If enough applications are gathered I shall publish training schedule accordingly.


-Looking for hosts.
-Receiving Applications.



  • Weiss_OswaldWeiss_Oswald
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    Its baffling me the level of desinterest in this post.
    It is actually a great idea, don't know why aren't more people interested.

    I'd apply for level 3 training, since I alone have been able to reach 5 bars solo, until I ran out of time, BUT, I have a very complicated schedule, and don't always have a decent computer to play with, wich leaves me as a very unreliable host or party member.

    I'm just here to say kudos for the idea and wish you luck. I find Neamhain battle to be very engaging, challenging and a nice end game past-time.
    At first I thought I could never improve in the raid because of the stupid Gates of Babylon, (that move really is unforgiving...), but once I started getting the hang of it(through countlesss deaths), and then noticed improvement in my performance on the raid, which drove me to want to get even better and better.

    Maybe on the future I'll be able to join y'all for the training, as for now, wish you good luck!
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    Its baffling me the level of desinterest in this post.

    It's a "necessary" 8-man battle, you can already forget 2/3 of the community in terms of hosting. I could host 6, but would still have around 3bars connection, while I wouldn't have issues, others would.

    Also if people could host, most of people would have the experience required for the battle already by the way.