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Why are YOU still playing this game?


  • SekaiizSekaiiz
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    Getting Golden God on multiple characters and Neam is pretty fun.
  • Riy45Riy45
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    I sort of stopped playing this game when I began living on campus. The internet isn't good enough to play well in someone's raid. Also, I don't have any friends to play the game with.


    Logging in only makes me sad nowadays. It only takes one solo raid for me to wish I never found the game.
  • CallistheneCallisthene
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    I stopped this games maaaaany times, but somehow, I keep going back.

    -I like MMO even if I'm more of a solo player
    -The gameplay is one of the most simple and enjoyable I found so far
    -no freaking annoying quest like : kill 30 mobs, then kill 45, then kill them again, and come back to NPC for another annoying one
    -low-lvl battles are quite boring and repetitive BUT throwing Kicks, punches and random stuff at mobs' faces has never been so fun IMO
    -Dying is always annoying, but then again, the way my character gets thrown like a vulgar bag of meat makes me laugh so hard I don't care anymore about it
    -I love the sexy inner armors, avatars and personnalization of characters
    -A lot of choice in gear (although I find the lvl90 rather disappointing and Armageddon is just ugly)
    -I freaking love the cutscenes in Muir's battle! Kinda Epic ^^
    -All characters are DPS = you don't have to wait hours waiting for 1 good tank, 1 healer, 1 blahblahblah
    -Maps in battles look cool in S2 (Ship graveyard <3)
    -When you come back after a longtime, you quickly remember how to play since it's basically always the same

    What makes me quit:
    -I'm bored after some time
    -Don't have time anymore
    -Bugs ALL-THE-FREAKING-TIME (crashing game, not getting XP/Items correctly, downloading game fully for the X time...)
    -I'm frustrated not getting the things I want/need and farming for days that feels like years

    Oh and, musics are indeed cool, but I've listened to better ones in Aion (and I don't like the fact there's no music until the boss comes)

    In short, Vindictus is for me (bugs aside) what a game should be: fun and whose goal is to help me forgetting IRL sh!t for a time by unleashing all my rage on mobs. As efficient but less tiring than a sandbag!
  • jakkerjakker
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    edited April 1, 2017
    the combat - fast paced, precise and deep as nothing else (for example cutting your blade trough an enemy actually causes resistance and a slowdown of your attackspeed. i mean wtf???)
    the characters - the way how they act feels realistic and just good
    the customization - the possibilities of designing your armor/look
    the soundtrack - this soundtrack is so good, that you never would imagine its made for an mmorpg

    sure, the enhancementrate sux
    but vindictus is the one and only
  • GiersdorfGiersdorf
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    edited April 1, 2017
    I have just returned.
  • LaharLahar
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    edited April 11, 2017
    Perversion. It's an ok game not a great one.

    However in response to my fleeting interest I have deleted every character but my Lynn and Arisha. I'll eventually delete one of the two when both second weapons are released.

    Something like Runescape was a great game and I would still play it again if it had the players but it's never going to see it's former glory. Vindictus might be like Maplestory, simply around for a long time.
  • SefSef
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    +15 level 80 swords and level 90 spears. Also waiting for a proper Lann revamp.
  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    u get attached to it deeply when u invest both time and money in it
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    I still play this game because it brings me back to my roots as a kid playing Gauntlet on the NES. This is just 1000x better.


  • EnkrydEnkryd
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    Friends and I like the game. I took some breaks here and there but came back.
  • hi5joshhi5josh
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    edited April 11, 2017
    I log on occasionly and try to find something/someone to farm with. It's usually just with @Download at this point. The market sucks currently and while there are plenty of options, there are no longer many good options...

    I rarely obtain the items I'm after, and when I do, I generally have a very hard time selling them even though I usually list on the market for the lowest price.

    When doing the grunt work no longer pays off, you start to lose hope and interest in what you are doing.
  • SylariusSylarius
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    I barely play but the combat and characters looking nice is what keeps me, I guess. Mostly the former.
  • vgfan100vgfan100
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    edited April 13, 2017
    I have been playing Vindictus since Chapter 8 of Season 1 came out (I think that was 2008, holy cow!). I have experienced lots of changes in the game - some good, some bad. Nevertheless, here is my summarized list of reasons why I still play Vindictus and a list of reasons why I don't play as often:

    1. The character customization - Relatively speaking, you can get pretty creative with customizing your character. With fusion runes, you can even bring what would be low-stat gear into a high-end raid, which is pretty awesome! If you know my main on Vindi, here's hoping for laurel crowns as a headpiece. :|
    2. The combat - While I do have some issues with the response time of some moves (*cough* *cough* Gust Sting *cough*), the combat is very smooth and fast-paced.
    3. The different areas - Season 2 really shines here, and I occasionally love to speedrun Twilight Desert and Misty Summit/Moonlight Peak because it's relaxing and interesting at the same time.
    4. The raids - While I wish Oath of Honors could be expanded to include Redeemer Mode (No graces, cooldown timer for revives, limited amount of potions, etc.), I love the raids; they are EPIC! It's what brings people together in this game the most, and you can't help but congratulate someone for getting a rare drop. :)

    1. Gear Progression - It is SUPER slow and unforgiving. Ferghus says, "Oh... you got to +8 for your level 95 boots? Let me just eat 5-7 runes that you got for free just to get to +9!" And if you boom your gear, you have to start all over! And if you want to max your stats on your level 95 gear, get ready to either spend lots of gold or grind for a long time. :s
    2. Slow Content Release - Whenever there is nothing new to explore or wear, you can only do the same battles oh-so-many times without good rewards before you start getting bored.
    3. Season 1 (and some Season 2) are pretty much dead - Seriously! Other than doing Succubus Queen for Enthusiastic Scroll, there is no reason to go back to Season 1. I wish drops correlated with your level so that there is a reason to do those missions again. Remember Glas Pants being "thee item" to get? Well, old Glas got replaced by new Glas because his drops are relevant to older players, and I rarely fight the old Glas because of how outdated the drops are in that raid.
    4. PvP - I try playing PvP when there are no boats up, but it is horribly imbalanced with gear and class. If it weren't for that, and there were more modes in PvP to try, I would definitely give PvP a go all the time. The rewards have improved, but getting them is tedious when not many players do PvP often.
    5. Busy Life/Other Games to Try - When Vindictus is not active, I try other games to keep myself entertained. I'm currently trying out Revelation Online (a relatively new MMORPG that's in Open Beta right now), and while it has its own issues, it's really fun! I do come back to Vindi to see how things are going and if I have time in my life to play a couple battles.

    Overall, Vindictus is still a fun game to play, but I can only play it so often before I have to play something else. Since this is my first MMORPG, I probably will never leave since I have dedicated so many years (9 so far) to playing this game. :)
  • AsunaBabeAsunaBabe
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    I like to go back on this game cause it amuse me when people **** and moaned on every little problem nexon can't fix. Its like a heroine addict that can't quit but keep using it even it kills them, same as this game even though the game is so bad on every level they keep coming back. including myself. be a MAN or WOMAN that accept the his/her Addict on this game whenever you like it or not......
  • NyxioNyxio
    Vindictus Rep: 530
    Posts: 17
    It's quite simple really.

    Along with friends, too much time put into it, combat, and just an obsession with getting to the next objective +coffee
  • SeigakuSeigaku
    Vindictus Rep: 1,045
    Posts: 57
    - I couldn't update BDO, my net is too shitty for that
    - 2 +15 last month (previous and current main)
    - I love my new fifi, she's amazing