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Help, nexon wont let me log in

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edited March 11, 2017 in Tech Support
Can someone help me? i've played this yesterday and everything went well, today i wanted to log on and it appears me this and i have uninstalled and installed the launcher and nothing changes
Please someone help me


  • DealerDealer
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    A lot of players are having the same issue, the team is investigating these issues.
  • CasurinCasurin
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    edited March 11, 2017
    Hope it gets resolved soon - event ongoing but we miss the items cause we can't log in.

    Edit: aih, it finally worked (19:48 UTC+1)
  • LoxLox
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    I have the same issue. After I try to login, the launcher either asks me to login again with no error message or anything, or I am able to login and then get the following error message: "A system error occurred (Code: 20399). Please try again later."
    The play button for Vindictus does not show up whatsoever and I have no clue why this is happening.