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Launcher constantly needing to restart

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Hi, I've encountered a very strange error in the last few days. My Nexon Launcher keeps giving me the message "Nexon Launcher has been updated you need to restart the Launcher". literally all the time. I restart it and within about 30 seconds it once again has the message that it needs to restart. Interestingly enough, I've been getting a bunch of the "CRC check fail" error and needed to re-install the client several times over the last few days since this weird error started popping up. I think the constant updating error is related.
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  • chitakachitaka
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    Yes I to have encountered this on several instances, I can tell it's done something when I am in game because the game has a momentary glitch. When I minimize the game, sure enough there's a window on the launcher saying it's updated. it does this repeatedly. I have tried uninstalling the launcher then reinstalling it. this doesn't really seem to help at all. I have also checked the launchers settings to see if I can disable the update feature but the launcher is not equipped with a feature to disable the updater. Could the nexon team look into this please?