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Artifact Choice

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So I'm approaching 150 seals thanks to ongoing event daily boxes on my undergeared Fiona alt and was wondering which artifact is considered the best for sword & board style? Mind you I have pretty bad stats on this alt (27 ATS, 71 BAL, 20k ATT) and I plan on gearing her up when the update with revamped scrolls arrives to our region.


  • ScevityScevity
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    Blue cat statue is always useful.
  • YagokoroYagokoro
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    In general parties, you'll want the Cat Statue for more SP so you can spam more focal points. It's hard to generate excess SP if you can't keep the boss's aggro since counter attack to amaranth is the best way to generate SP.

    For solo play, SP is less of an issue since you have the aggro permanently and can spam the hell out of counters. You'll also have less time to do focal points so your SP should be much easier to maintain. I suggest a Succubus Fang to maintain DPS while healing or a Werewolf Paw if you want to be able to double counter some attacks that you wouldn't normally be able to and aren't worried about survival.

    For Neamhain, the Succubus Fang is definitely suggested since you have only 15 potions.