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Leveling-up in 2017 - Levels 1 - 60

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Overview: A bare bones run through levels 1 - 95 with a new character (as of writing levels 91-95 are not available). Summaries are provided at each interval of 15 levels.

The following restrictions were applied:
  1. No outside gold or items from other characters. I did use dyes from other characters.
  2. No experience points (XP) event buffs
  3. No VIP/VVIP unless given by the character growth goals
  4. Primary story line first -- if enough XP cannot be obtained to reach the next level plateau then try side quests (will be noted in summary).
  5. No warm welcome boxes
  6. Character growth goal rewards are consumed immediately upon obtaining
  7. Story AP capsules are consumed immediately upon obtaining
  8. Map Difficulty: Hard, Oath of Honor: None (when creating solo boats)


FruityLoops @ Character Creation
  • Level: 1
  • Gold: 0
  • Magic Attack (MATT): 2,015
  • Defense: 305
  • Title count: 0
  • Action points (AP): 0
  • Experience (XP): 0
  • Time Elapsed: 0


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    Levels 1 - 15 overview

    FruityLoops @ Level 15
    • Level: 15
    • Gold: 16,650
    • Magic attack (MATT): 3,246
    • Defense: 1,020
    • Title count: 8
    • Action points (AP): 440
    • Experience (XP): 915 of 39,942 (2.78%)
    • Time Elapsed: 1 hour, 35 minutes

    Struggled with: Stamina management.

    Easy parts: Everything else (free revives up to level 15). All skills that were 0 gold/0 AP were upgraded.

    Quests Summary: All primary quests except "Friendship Sword". No side quests. Did quest "Mysterious Man" although it was unnecessary for reaching level 15 (it also gave 1 title). Next primary quest: "Iced Strawberry Brandy"

    Common Skills increased:
    Battle Respiration >> D
    Campfire >> F
    Combat Mastery >> E
    Cloth Armor Proficiency >> F
    Critical Hit >> E
    Heavy Armor Proficiency >> F
    Intelligence Mastery >> F
    Light Armor Proficiency >> F
    Meditation >> F
    Phantom Mastery >> F
    Stamina Mastery >> E
    Standing Endurance >> F

    Phantom Dagger Skills increased:
    Illusion Shield >> E
    Phantom Dagger Mastery >> E
    Phantom Shooter >> F
    Phantom Shard >> E
    Wraith Slash >> F
    Vision Dash >> D
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    Levels 16 - 30 overview
    FruityLoops @ Level 30
    • Level: 30
    • Gold: 93,269
    • Magic attack (MATT): 4,161
    • Defense: 1,275
    • Title count: 29
    • Action points (AP): 440
    • Experience (XP): 14,131 of 221,384 (6.38%)
    • Time Elapsed: 2 hours, 20 minutes

    Struggled with: The boss in Dead End Street: The Reaper. Leveling at parts would have been much smoother with VIP.

    Easy parts: 20 merc recovery potions obtained at level 20 are helpful. Every boss but The Reaper.

    Quests Summary: Here I encounter the first gap between my current level and primary quest level requirement. The primary quests "Kobold Chief" and "Dethrone the White Tyrant" require being levels 19 and 20. I was still level 17 (26%). The leveling problems continue through level 22. From here I recommend the following side quests (in preference order):
    "The Jewel Chomper" (Requires 1 Frost Stone) -- Talk to Shayla. Run the map "Frost Stones" or buy item from MP.
    "Ellis's Question" (which unlocks story Paradise ) and "Paradise" -- Just talk to NPC's.
    "Potion-Drinking Kobold" -- Talk to Gallagher. You don't need to run the story map.
    "Insufficient Supplies" (Requires 5 cloth.) -- Talk to Gwynn.
    "Fomorian Supplies" (Requires 1 Average Kobold Cloth), 1 Kobold Cloth)
    "Crystals from the Ruins" (Requires 1 Ruins Erg Crystal) -- Talk to Brynn. Small XP but yields 1 blessed magic powder.

    If you can reach the "Prepare for the Counterattack" mission the story items for "A job for Shayla (2)" and "Potion Delivery" sub-story items will drop.

    Again level problems arise at the story "Unending Mystery". Level requires 28 and I currently sit at level 27 (70%). You can run Friend or Foe and the boss drop (white vampire robe) is used in the primary story "I know your name". From here I recommend the following side quests (in preference order):
    "The Beauty of Metals" (Requires 1 Chieftain Leg Armor, Kobold Shoulder Plates, Kobold Red Metal, Vampire Shoulder Plates) -- Talk to Ceara.

    Next Primary quests: Evidence & Prairie Mushroom

    Common Skills increased:
    Critical Hit >> D
    Defense Mastery >> F
    Stamina Mastery >> D
    Willpower Mastery >> E

    Phantom Dagger Skills increased:
    Cyclone Saw >> E
    Cyclone Edge >> E
    Illusion Shield >> D
    Phantom Shard >> C
    Phantom Dagger Mastery >> C
    Phantom Force >> E
    Vision Dash >> C
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    Levels 31 - 45 overview
    FruityLoops @ Level 45
    • Level: 45
    • Gold: 33,316
    • Magic attack (MATT): 6,802
    • Defense: 2,645
    • Title count: 75
    • Action points (AP): 2,893
    • Experience (XP): 2,318 of 717,337 (0.32%)
    • Time Elapsed: 8 hours 40 minutes

    Struggled with: XP shortages without the use of VIP (you are awarded a VIP capsule at level 40 character growth goals). Sub stories become mandatory to make progression without repeating the same map. In the end I spent more game time trying to figure out what to do to get XP. It would have been faster just to re-run maps. Gold shortages were an issue because I needed to rely on the MP to complete substories.

    Easy parts:

    Quests Summary: After completing story "Evidence" (currently @ level 31 (35%) the story "Praire Mushroom" is level 32. It's notable how much of the side-story you cannot do because of level requirements: Sub-Stories "Ulchas Memorial Day", "Fare Thee Well", "Spider Overload", and "Peaceful Delegation" are linked to maps Spider Overlord (lvl 33), Where the legend sleeps (lvl 40), The Unveiling Truth (lvl 41), Regrets...Too Late (lv42). I spent more time trying to figure out what could be done rather then leveling up. I suggest doing the following maps for a quick boost:
    "Mercenary Weapon: Ballista" -- Talk to Gallagher which is followed by:
    "Mercenary Weapon: Sticky Bombs" -- Talk to Gallagher

    Prior to starting "Praire Mushroom" story make sure you talk to Shayla and Ernmass for the side stories "Song of the Plains" and "In Memory of".

    Common Skills increased:
    Combat Mastery >> D
    Critical Hit >> C
    Intelligence Mastery >> E
    Smash Mastery >> D
    Phantom Dagger Mastery >> B
    Phantom Dagger Skills increased:
    Cyclone Crash >> F
    Cyclone Edge >> A
    Cyclone Saw >> C
    Extinction Roar >> F
    Illusion Shield >> C
    Phantom Shard >> B
    Phantom Force >> D
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    Levels 46 - 60 overview
    FruityLoops @ Level 45
    • Level: 60
    • Gold: 733,774
    • Magic attack (MATT): 9,178
    • Defense: 3,508
    • Title count: 97
    • Action points (AP): 7,010
    • Experience (XP): 5,776 of 2,018,866 (0.29%)
    • Time Elapsed: 7 hours 10 minutes

    Struggled with: Bosses Famenu and Klaus

    Easy parts: A VIP capsule from character growth goals is a much needed XP boost.

    Quests Summary: Covers Hoarfrost Depths and Hilder Forest Ruins. The story and substory progression is very linear. I used a lot of gold to progress through item story quests.

    Common Skills increased:
    Cloth Armor Proficiency >> B
    Critical Hit >> 9
    Defense Mastery >> D
    Light Armor Proficiency >> C
    Smash Mastery >> A
    Phantom Dagger Mastery >> A
    Phantom Dagger Skills increased:
    Cyclone Saw >> B
    Infinity Requiem >> F
    Phantom Shard >> A
    Phantom Force >> C
    Vision Dash >> B
  • ArixArix
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    thanks for doing this, it's really interesting to see these kind of stuff :)
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Arix wrote: »
    thanks for doing this, it's really interesting to see these kind of stuff :)

    Thanks. I just finished the level 30 - 45 summary.
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Finished the level 46 - 60 summary.