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Are Guilds Offline or Glitched Right Now?

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edited March 4, 2017 in Bug Reporting
I am unable to connect to anything that involves guilds. I have restarted the game and tried on other PCs. Anyone else having problems?

I receive the error: "Unable to connect to guild server." with a reconnect button below it that refreshes and doesn't do anything.
  1. Are you experiencing connection issues with guilds?20 votes
    1. Yes
       55% (11 votes)
    2. No
       45% (9 votes)


  • ItadakimasItadakimas
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    edited March 4, 2017
    The guild storage isn't responding. This has been going on since last night (around 7-8 pm central time). Please fix asap! Thank you.
  • chitakachitaka
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    edited March 4, 2017
    Random guilds are broken and not logging in right now as well. which will be related to guild storage not working.
  • KMonkKMonk
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    Laggy server caused guild storage to desync and now it won't load until server maintenance.
  • ReimimiReimimi
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    I'm having the same issue here "Unable to connect to the guild server" I'm hoping this gets addressed soon it's super annoying. @-@