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'New' skill system

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I liked the skill system the way it was before! Before you could see what skill was unlocked at which lvl and for how much, now it's all blank until you get to the correct lvl/gold amount.


  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    ever check this yet?
  • MaximusMaximus
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    :( don't know how I missed that!
  • 2edgy4u2edgy4u
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    edited March 4, 2017
    other than that, i prefer sorting by level acquired than alphabetical. i can't remember the names of most of my skills but i do have an idea of when i unlocked it relative to other skills. having it as an option would be the best solution.
  • AschennùteAschennùte
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    also, it is not possible anymore to focus on few skills you want to rise anymore, now you are forced to remember them, maybe wrote them down and browse the entire list every time to check all the skills in order to rise the few you want.

    in the past i used to put 10 APs on the skills i wanted to improve first, then check the "show only trained skills" option (or how it was called) and i had only those under the eyes, then leave again 10 points and return when i had other APs to spare.
    it was a lot more confortable that way, now they removed the possibility and everything is a lot more annoying.