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Need gear advice for Cestus Karok

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in Karok
Hey :)

I have full aboms equips + weapon currently.

I have an OJ regina feather which I'm hoping to use.

Is there a point in me switching from Abom -> Full Regina set?

Also what enchants should I be throwing on my Cestus?

I dont know much about the enchanting system here - should enchant before I enhance?

I'll be using my +10 coupon on this cestus - just want to make sure I do things correctly here. @.@


  • NoburoNoburo
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    Switching at least 2 pieces to Regina will give you a proper 3 piece set bonus with the Regina weapon and 3 of whatever else you roll with, helpful if you're having a hard time capping att and it gives def too. Definitely worth doing if your Abomination stuff isn't even enchanted yet. Full Regina is fine but you might consider running Light or Cloth Helm/Pants/Chest so you can enchant for more bal/crit/speed/att.

    Righteous is the best prefix in most cases. Good suffix options are Valor, Bloodlust, Judgement and sometimes Spirited. Which suffix works best depends mostly on how much balance/speed/crit you end up with from your other enchants. Use Valor temporarily if you don't know what you'll end up with yet. It's cheap, viable, and you don't need to waste a rune on it.

    Since you're using a guaranteed enhance coupon and it sounds like you only have one weapon to work with, enchant/enhance order doesn't really matter all that much as long as you have enchant runes. I believe you can get two from the current event too, so you shouldn't have to be yolo'ing enchants onto that thing at all as long as you can wait a couple of weeks.
  • DNAnthraXDNAnthraX
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    If you enchant cloth and heavy armor, you get some attack damage bonuses. It's negligible but doesn't hurt i guess.
    I'd recommend you to get cloth helmet, pants and chest. You can enchant helmet and pant with enthusiastic to get 10 bonus balance which helps you to mitigate balance penalty from fast enchants. Regina weapon, gauntlet and boots to complement both sets. Thus you'll get three piece bonus from both of them.