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gun vs greatsword solo purposes

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in Hurk
which one is the fastest for boss times?
  1. which one is the fastest for boss times?36 votes
    1. gun
       19% (7 votes)
    2. greatsword
       81% (29 votes)


  • Nakrast_FreecssNakrast_Freecss
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    Gun is hella awful xD They rushed* it for some reason, it's definitely not a finished product (notice awful animations and lack of balance)

    *A lot of people complained about its damage being way too low and it's animations being somehow buggy (can't confirm, didn't notice any bug while testing), but devs didn't even care.
  • john10john10
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    lol its fair because players will lack skills if bowgun damage is high.
    just saying because im a average player from cod and cs.
  • PorcedduPorceddu
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    edited May 12, 2017
    Just take that piece of squirtgun trash outta here.
    Giving that abort-weapon to hurk's players after 3 years of waiting is just an insult.