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New Lynn need Advices

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in Lynn
So i was lookin for a guide, found one in this forum but wasn't what i was lookin for. What i'm lookin for is : Where to invest my AP at first ( Its a completely fresh character so no AP/returnin merc stuff) What gear/weapons to get while progressin while leveling? That sorta of stuff
IF anyone could direct me into the right direction i'd appreciate it. Thank you


  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    i think as you progress through the story, you're given gear, so no need to worry about that

    as for where to put AP in

    read the skill descriptions and decide where you want to put them, IMO i'd prioritize Battle Resp,Thunderleg, get the smashes you need to rank C asap, then dump everything into Critical hit and smash mastery

    skills are in no particular order:

    Fishtail pole, Flying Guillotine, and Drunken mantis to rank C (smashes that you will forever use)
    Swift Assassin (marks that are applied on bosses or strong enemies, always try to stack 10)
    Thunder Leg (dodge)
    Little Rat (deflect,dodge, and buff)
    killer dart (buff)
    Battle Respiration rank B at least is ok
    critical hit
    smash mastery
    five finger death (this is just to detonate the Swift Assassin marks)

    everything in lynns kit revolves around applying Swift Assassin marks(blue glowing orbs) and enhancing them into Zen Swift Assassin marks(gold glowing orbs)
    dont worry about the active/hotkeyskills
    dont worry about jade fox until like lvl 60 raids

  • ZupseroZupsero
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    theres two posts. on this sub, where is asked all the questions couple weeks ago in the comments, maybe that helps! +best
  • Order5Order5
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