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what does XE stand for, in "Vindictus XE"

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xtreme evolution?
xtra easy?
vindictus x europe?


  • Weiss_OswaldWeiss_Oswald
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    edited February 17, 2017
    It used to mean EXtreme (just Extreme) for the following reasons:
    -Normal and Hard modes spawned "buffed" mobs
    -You have an incentive to become Extremely powerful by playing good and keeping your combo
    -Faster paced battles with less stamina consumptions and non stop run
    -Better abilitiy to move and control the environment with jumps
    -You have Style Bonus that increase the EXP you receive at the end of the battle

    Cant think of other reasons, feel free to add.
    Btw, if your intention is to just mock us europeans for how bad we're dealing with premiere, think how you'd react if you'd feel your favorite game just been nerfed, put yourself in our position.

    I'm doing my best to try and adapt, its like learnig a new game to me, it doesn't feel the same.
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    Game has already been "nerfed" to very easy compare to what vindictus actually was in ss1 and you ppl still prefer the easier version?
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    Xtra Elite 1337
  • AquasolAquasol
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    Obligatory. :D
  • SilentineSilentine
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    Geez, and here I was excited that I can now talk with NA players in forum...

    XE standed for extreme.
    Weiss_Oswald forgot to mention about the jump. We could also jump and perform 1 - 2 hit and a smash while in air. (does not make you invincible to ground attacks/AOE waves)
    and the XE move, pressing left and right button, your character performs and XE move, a powerful smash that makes you invincible durring the attack animation but consumes some amount of HP.

    Please sir, some of us are excited to be able to talk to more players in forum, don't mock us. Just like you we are fighting, learning and doing our best to be one of the best.
    Here is something else XE had some dissadvantages from NA. I found out my dodge to be much more responsive in PRE. 10% of the time in XE my dodge was unresponsive (really bad and frustrating at Neamain when my dodge doesn't activate)
  • AmewarashiAmewarashi
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    -You have an incentive to become Extremely powerful by playing good and keeping your combo
    aka can deal extra damage as long as you don't get hit.
  • LoreataLoreata
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    MochiSweet wrote: »
    Game has already been "nerfed" to very easy compare to what vindictus actually was in ss1 and you ppl still prefer the easier version?
    What? Nobody said anything about preference, people here only said they need time to get used to it, which is normal.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    XE stands for eXtreme Edition. Weiss_Oswald summarised some of the changes, but there are way more than it. I am not sure if there exist a full list of the actual differences as of current, because some of them were merged with premiere along time.

    You can search for various discussions we had back in the European forums. Probably none of them is truly full, especially considering fact some people tend to bring false arguments such as "premiere is like 125% of combo", or bringing non-version related changes (like TIR).

    If You want to learn more about XE, here's a post I made back in while. Now that we are on premiere, I would modify the list a bit, because there's more to that.

    Is there anything more You want to know?
  • NovalitusNovalitus
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    A game has to be FUN to me.
    Thats the main goal right??

    XE offered just that. To me Vindictus should be a fun, fast paced hacking/slashing kind of game. Where you shouldn't have to worry about pressing shift to run or run out of stamina for that matter.
  • RyanReynoldsRyanReynolds
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    Vindictus XE = Vindictus Xtreme Elites

    It's reserved for people who have spent lot of $$$ in game. Have top 5% in stats (Example: over 30k Att or M-att Power)

    Jk I have no idea.
  • RivaRiva
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    NA thinking they're hot sh*t because they don't have autorun, when in fact game became easier for eu