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3 accounts vs 1

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let's say you have 2 mains and a farming character. would I benefit more from having 3 seperate accounts or should I have all 3 on the same acccount? please list your pro's and con's :)

ps: I'm not talking about running them at the same time.


  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    Pro for having one account only:

    1.Ez to switch between your chars.
    2.Account-shared titles. Most of the titles with high stats are needed to farm only once.

  • LoreataLoreata
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    If you are a paying customer, there is that shared storage thingy... I guess it might be convinient?
  • RailaxRailax
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    I might be wrong since I'm a returnee and I might had misunderstood something along the line:)

    Same Account:
    1.VVIP is active on account. All character can benefit from it. VIP is character only. You can buy VVIP 2 days with AP in Colhen Inn
    2. you can use shared storage to trade items. For example I have a character with full inventory bought, and i switch stuff to her using shared storage. You can use mail, but it's not as effective as it cost money. Item might become bound on mail( not 100% sure). I'm from EU, and I bought 1 permanent shared storage which is not available anymore.
    3. Some items are account bound and can be transfered.
    4. Like Samalenko said, easy to switch between them
    5. titles? I do not know if some titles are account bound. most are character specific.

    Different Accounts:
    1. Events. Some events are once per account. Those might have free enchant runes. In theory you can enchant on a different account, unbind it, and transfer item. (for example the +10 -15 enchant we are getting in march. also Free ap and exp which is based on account.

    My thoughts:

    Basically it's vvip vs more items from some events( not all, as some events are character not account bound. Ex. bingo).
    Having different account is better if you are hardcore and dedicated. Might require multiple computers ( 100h stay log in event) and might be to much work. I have a job, don't want another one with vindictus lol.
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Consider getting the best of both worlds by putting your female chars on one account and male on another.
  • MoistyPicklesMoistyPickles
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    If you want to enjoy the game have 1 account.
    If you want to live and breath the game have 1 account for each character.
  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    i have 2 accounts, since im too cheap to buy extra character slots. lucked out with double rewards for each account if i decided to do it on both

    or you can have 10 accounts, wait for those attendance events that give you +10-15, lubbers, etc and abuse the reward to gear yourself up without spending a dime.
  • FunnyGuy112FunnyGuy112
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    Multiple accounts would benefit pay2win players tbh, if you're pay2win go with multiple accounts then I guess if you can afford to do unbinds and etc.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    Multiple account:
    + Good for hoarder. Make one or two lvl10 characters on each accounts and enjoy infinite inventory space. Vanity armor, s2 mats, s2 b/o, s1 mats, s1/ b/o, s3 valuable stuff, enhancement stone, etc etc.
    + Extra free stuff from event.
    - Can't share anything. Title, pet (nobody mentioned this yet :D), storage, rune...
    - One extra step every time you want to switch.

    One account:
    - Limited space for your characters, their wives/husbands/kids and inventory space.
    - No extra free stuff.
    + Share everything from title, pet (succy pet is coming), rune, storage, etc...
    + Faster switching