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What is Karok's playstyle?

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Watching videos is one thing - key inputs is another.

For ex. My Delia consists of LLLRR or LLRR to start her main smashes.

Thats literally it.

she has a block, an evade, an extra post-charge attack more some more damage but thats literally it.

I'm looking for more... variety I suppose.

How do Karoks play?


  • anderzejn131anderzejn131
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    edited February 17, 2017
    At this moment, for pilar Karok - basicly atacking with proper delays so you absorb enemy boss attacks while taking no damage. Main combo is i would say LRLRRRE (a tleast for me) and as you probably see - it's kinda big and slow combo, it lasts for like 2 or 3 enemy boss attack patters - but he can do it thanks to absorb unlike any other character.. He does not have proper block - absorbing with attacks is way better than absorbing with his roll. Basicly he is all about timing and spacing his attacks properly.
    For cesus Karok... well i never played him too much, never cared ^_^.
  • CwalkerCwalker
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    For pillar karok learning the timings for grizzly uppercut, which allows you to chain your smashes together. This allows you to get to your third smash faster, like anderzejn alluded to, instead of going for LLLRRR which is really slow, you can go from your first smash into the second smash with good timing with LR(pause)L, or go from first smash to third by LRR(pause)L.

    But most of the dmg comes from timing your smashes with the bosses attacks as well, since you get free extra dmg when you absorb shock with a smash attack. Also managing your buffs is important too, pillar karok can essentially attack forever if you chain your buffs correctly, in combination with your sp skills.