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NeIiel's TS Videos [Latest- Neamhain Solo Clear]

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Welcome to my Thread.
Some of the vids are kinda bad in terms of my gameplay due to i dont really have time to play or practice, sorry about that.
I'd really apriciate any feedback about your toughts. Thank you in advance.

XE vids, with dmg potion :

Regina 2:27

Eochaid 3:42

XE vids, witout any damage modifier potion :

Glas 4:13

Zecallion 3:20

Succubus Queen 4:58

Regina 3:33

Pre Vids :

Ben Chenner Entrance Speed Run(made it for a request)

Neamhain Duo with an Arisha(MissBrightside)

Post Rise Vids:

Neamhain Solo Clear:

[More Videos Coming Soon]