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Which char are you creating with the added slot?


  • NautimPortantNautimPortant
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    I'd rather level up my forum account.
  • PharCryPharCry
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    SupaFranky wrote: »
    About event titles, I heard KR received an update where titles are shared across all characters on the same account, not sure if its true but if it is, then no real point to title farming on all your characters anymore and worrying to much about 1 character title events, will finally be able to use early bird title on all my characters if this is true.

    I heard the same as well, stoked about the possibility of it coming here. I'd also have to assume it's event and general titles, and not the character specific ones, but even so it's a great idea.
  • AstragedyAstragedy
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    We getting new slots ? lol.
  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    why would you want to drag yourself through s1 on another character