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ID Authentication Failed

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edited February 16, 2017 in Account Support
I launch my game through EU game and log in and after that it pleased me to download Nexon launcher.

I did that and i install vindictus again, im logged in as a primary eu account into launcher but when im starting a game i have 3 servers to choose (EUW/EUE/Aus) im choosing EU East and ive got message that my ID AUTHENTICATION FAILED. Whats going on? I did everything for migrate my account and i cant log in

Please try again after logining in through the website (BUT IM LOGGED IN ALREADY FFS)


  • I have the same problem.
  • borislavk1borislavk1
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    HELLO CAN ANYONE HERE HELP US WTF IS THIS ?!?!?!?! you migrate us and then this happens .... if you can not do right dont do it in the first place seriously I have to log in the website before continuing but I am logged in so i repeat the process and of course what the same crap thanks nexon and you cant help your customers too .... Who knows how long it will take for yall to reply
  • StormCrusherStormCrusher
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    you know maintenance is still up so this might be the problem..
    i cant log either, wait until tomorrow morning if you still got this issue then im sure youre not the only 1 and you will get an answer soon
  • Weiss_OswaldWeiss_Oswald
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    Maintenance is on going until 10 pm CET.
    I tried to login in the morning as well, but obviously couldn't +cold
    Follow this news post for updates on the maintenance:

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