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For the people who have gotten a +15 weapon..

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How long and how much money did it take? I'm aware that it's RNG and that it depends on how often things appear on the market but I just wanna hear personal stories if y'all don't mind :x


  • SekaiizSekaiiz
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    I got a regina weap so I tried to boom my 11 lako weapon and it went 15 and I was like Wooooah
  • ikeviikevi
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    I double boomed over 45 lv 90 weapons before I got my fist +15. That was also using 9 +12 runes, ~50 +11 runes (joys of airtight). Cost??? just buy one instead of making them it isn't worth it.
  • CessaCessa
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    Over 3 years of farming 8+ hours a day or hitting refresh in the market until my eyes bled out trying to make any kind of gold profit.
    Farming with low level armor set to curb repair costs (come see my enchanted lvl 10\lvl 60 stuff).
    Over 2500 dollars worth of enhance runes in 3 years.
    A good number of pointless +10s.
    A number of +11s.
    Even fewer +12s.
    I think maybe six +13s.
    Maybe two +14s.
    And two +15s.

    And that's how I know anyone who says it's easy to make billions in Vindictus is a liar and\or gold buyer.
    Vindictus sucks. Not getting money from me anymore until they understand player pain.
  • EccoEcco
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    Trying for +15 no luck... trying to blow it up booyas ...two +15s

    You got to really not want it than you will get it.
  • AbaddanAbaddan
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    My 6-7th, some where around there, Lvl 90 weapon attempt at +14 went to +15 with now booms. Spent maybe 80-120$ on runes. Probably less b/c of the mass of event runes I had.
  • SupaFrankySupaFranky
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    From the two that I made, My Armageddon Dagger went straight to +15 from a batch of 5 daggers I had enhanced, the last one i got to +10 was the one i enhanced first and was the one that made it. My lann's twin swords took me 4 pairs of twin swords to make, got them to +13 then left them and then i tried to quit twice and they went to +15 eventually. I've spent a lot on runes, enchant and enhance but the runes i used to make these +15s were all from the first Golden Chieftain event,, took me about 27 runes to make both +15s from my stock of 57 enhance runes. No +15 90s sadly but I do have 2 +14 90s, close enough. Note, I've been playing vindi since closed beta, and i recently made my +15s last year.
  • EnigmaTaroEnigmaTaro
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    Sell multiple +12s to buy guarenteed +15.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    I have made 5 +15 lvl 80 weapons, and I think they are all unexpected.

    - 1st one is my Arma glaive which I made when cromm just come out, and I was trying to boom it for the tear (100m at the time). This is her first lvl 80 glaive ever, full unbind, and I sold it last month.
    - 2nd one is my Arma twin swords, made a few days after a short "quitting" period. Full unbind too. This is my Vella's 2nd twin swords, her first one is a +12 Skeleton.
    - 3rd one is my Noblesse xgun, which I made and enhance just because Ferghus doesn't want to make my bow +12 (until last night). This one boomed once at 1st try to +15, and made of the Fragments from another +14 Noblesse xgun permaboomed before it.
    - 4th is my Heremon bastard sword, which boomed at 1st try to +15. I boomed it once when it was +14, then made a +13 Regina BS. I revived the Heremon BS and successfully +15, then the Regina BS permaboomed when I try to+14.
    - 5th is my Heremon scythe. My Evie had a +11 Regina scythe (she even had a +13 Regina scythe a long time ago but I permaboomed it) but I made a +13 Heremon scythe, so I figured I should enhance both and which one survive will stay. Heremon went +14, Regina went +12, Heremon boomed, restored, Heremon went +15, Regina boomed.

    There is a lot more boomed weapon on my other two characters but they are not mentioned here. So, the +15 I have/had doesn't really cost me too much or anything at all, but when counting the failed attempts on the road and the stuff I lost when trying to replace them, they are pretty costly.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    The first level 80 bow I ever made got to +15 after breaking and restoring it at +8. I only used a couple of runes a friend gifted me to get it to +10.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't really a fan of how bow played compared to old crossgun and I couldn't sell it if I wanted to, lol. I died when I saw that guy on megas trying to buy one for like 3b every day a few months after I made it.
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    I have no idea on how many Rakraks I've gone through to get my +15.
  • BowtacojrBowtacojr
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    I wanted to blow up a weapon, and as usual, Vindictus did the opposite.

    Sadly it was a 70 around the time when 70 weapons were really just getting left behind, so I had fun with it for a while and then sold it to the highest bidder.
  • CelsiellaCelsiella
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    hadn't played the game for quite a while so decided to just see how for my 10+ regina glaive would go before it failed and then i would just revive it with ap, but it ended up going all the way lol
  • MonohaMonoha
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    I made mine while trying to boom the GS for material to make my Arisha's SS. +15 Regina GS, Boomed going +11 but after that just went to +15. Happy but rip making Arisha's weapon lol.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Cessa wrote: »
    And that's how I know anyone who says it's easy to make billions in Vindictus is a liar and\or gold buyer.
    It's easy to make billions if you focus on only one character and only spend gold/sell when you have a sure thing. I won't go into details because a system really doesn't stay profitable if everyone uses it, but there are a number of players who do as I do to make money when they want to, and others who do it even better. I'd be swimming in gold if I didn't play multiple chars and gamble on high enhancing/enchants just for kicks at times. It's just as many people could be millionaires by retirement if they'd save and invest for the slow, steady gains, but most choose not to go that route.

    As to getting my +15, it always comes down to YOLO. You can play with the law of large numbers, but even with hundreds of +10s, your odds of +15 still aren't that great. You simply have to be willing to risk losing the items and accept that each and every time beyond +8 odds are that you will fail the try. I had already boomed my +12 BS going for +13. I rezzed it and simply tried for +13, +14, and then +15 assuming each time that it would go poof and be gone forever. I almost had +15 on my Hurk when I rage yolo'd his 90 GS cause I simply didn't care.

    There's no magic system for getting +15 in this game, but the goib stones are worth tossing in the mix for the slightly increased success chance when going for higher level tries. Every bit helps, assuming that the rolls are actually random. The RNG in this game is more than a little suspect.

  • lordpattylordpatty
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    Just one. It happened yesterday. You see, I had decided to "re-main" my Vella and focus on her. Part of it was buying her new gear, including a new weapon. I already had a resurrected +12 lvl 80 twin chainblade but decided to get a +10 lvl 90 cb. Unsure of what to do at this point with the +12, I decided to head to ferghus to boom and salvage the mats.


    Just like that. Just.Like.That. I had the biggest WTF face on. Like, I know I was supposed to be happy but at the same time....

    No resale value.
    Stuck with a lvl 90 +10 weap that immidiately became useless by comparison.
    Couldn't risk adding new enchants to my new +15 cuz I had no enchant rune.

    So yeah...there's no secret formula man. Its 100% pure and unadulterated luck.
  • MixxiaMixxia
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    You no longer get mats back from 2nd boom...so if you failed you would have had nothing =x
  • xxYoonaxxYoona
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    First try on my Arisha. +10 w/ an enhance rune or two then I went +11-+15 straight with no runes.
    I will never forget my adrenaline rush just clicking without break and ending up with a 15.
  • TotallyNotLilahTotallyNotLilah
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    Made two +15 level 90 scythes about two weeks back. It is my very first +15 in the 5 cumulative years of playing this game and I was fortunate to get my regina scythe and lugh scythe to +15 in a row. I crafted both weapons on my own and only spent gold on enchanting/swapping out OJ mats which comes out to about 250mil for my Regina scythe and 40mil for my lugh scythe? I believe I had my permabound +12 Regina scythe for about 11 months and only made a "free" +10 lugh scythe in the last two weeks (By free, I meant I used the +8-+10 enhancement coupon that came with a recent event). Keep in mind, I have only enhanced four +12s, two +11s, and possibly eleven +10s before then.

    Long story short, I was testing out a friend's enhancement theory that you must 'sacrifice' a highly enhanced (read +10) weapon to Ferghus before you enhance your desired weapon and well... I guess you could say it worked? I don't know man, I've only tried it this once ;_; The weapon that I 'sacrificed' was a +12 armageddon crossgun.

    Start: +12 permabound 3* orange Regina Scythe, +12 permabound 3* orange Lugh Scythe, +10 permabound 4* Lugh Scythe
    Round one: got +10 4* lugh to +12
    Round two: got +12 3* regina to +13
    Round three: got +12 4* lugh to +13
    Round four: Ferghus permaboomed my +12 3* orange lugh scythe so I was upset that my beautiful dragonscale-fused, full orange mats, righteous bloodlust enchanted, +2 crit infused baby was gone. Thus went on a rampage, decided to throw caution to the wind, blow up everything and take a very very long break from the game.
    Round five: got +13 3* regina to +14
    Round six: got +13 4* lugh to +14
    Round seven: got +14 3* regina to a +15 (woahhhhh! Look ma! I finally did it! never thought it would happen, I'm set for life woohoo)
    Round eight: got +14 4* lugh to a +15 (holy moly rnjesus whatislife! I mean, I was satisfied with my +15 regina and didn't need the extra slot anymore, I really expected Ferghus to just blow it up and give me back that inventory space) [img][/img]

    And.. that's about it really. All of this happened within a span of maybe 5 minutes and I can say it was definitely worth the roller coaster ride of emotions lol.
  • KhloeKhloe
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    Took 3 tries for Arisha's +15 90...she wasn't even my main and she got lucky. I didn't really want it, so I guess I got it.
    For Evie's scythe...I went through 29 boomed 90 scythes that I tried to enhance myself from +10.
    Farming all the AP I restored them all and re-enhanced, each failure took more damage to my hopes. All 29 in the span of like less than 2 months. I can't even guess the amount of money I spent either in both gold and currency. Over 4-5b for the whole process I guess and guesstimating maybe 1k NX or more.
    In the end I rq and bought a +14 and +15'd it. After booming 29 scythes I sold the remaining +10s or w.e I had left and bought a +14 cuz I couldn't afford a +15.
    The pain isn't worth it to make it yourself. I cried. After finally getting a +15 on the character I loved playing, it didn't even feel worth it.
    But hey, the M in me is gonna try it with spears cuz I'd like to actually kms one day. ; u ;
  • HallyHally
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    Threw about 7.9 bil at fergus. Never made it past 12 on a 90. 28/28 fails on getting a +12 90 to +13; all of which was done back when feathers were 150m+.

    Yolo a 60 for fun afterwards.. and it went to 15 =.=