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Game & Character Guides

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Vindictus Chronicles

Are brought to you by those fine folks at “Destroy Everything” soon to be at a Raid near you.

This guide comes in two parts. First, is Game and Character information and secondly, is the Vindictus Road Map which covers the first 51 regular missions, from Perilous Ruins to the Hoarfrost Depths. The Guides are 40 to 42 pages in length depending upon the character you have choose. All eleven characters are in one zip file for convenience. The information was collect from nearly every source I could find on Vindictus, as a new player I had question and there were no clear answers readily available to me. These guides change that.

I have a series of characters that will need assistance, six are at level 9 at the moment, I'm not running Kai or Evie. Lann, Arisha, Vella are at 22 because they received Vip's when I created them. So if you find the guides helpful, could you assist my characters they haven't got a clue about most things yet. I would like to make the guide fuller. I'm sure I am missing quite a lot but this is good for now until I get further into the game. My nine characters use the motto “Destroy Everything”.



  • NoburoNoburo
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    Does the zip come with a virus that also destroys everything? At least provide a preview of this supposed guide. If you're being serious here, it's hard to tell what exactly you're trying to do. Making a guide with images/video for every character for each individual battlequest up to a certain point in the s1 story for every character? Why? Why do you even need help to do that aside from how much time it would take to chronicle 561(459?) battles? Shouldn't someone making a guide be knowledgeable and capable enough to handle running early content on their own? How are you making a guide for all eleven characters while only playing 9 characters yourself? Am I asking too many questions? Why wouldn't you bother with Evie when she's a popular first character with arguably the most difficult and clunky early game?
    "...as a new player I had question and there were no clear answers readily available to me. These guides change that. "

    You can just ask around here. Lots of people do, and almost always find help from experienced players.

    If this post is genuinely trying to be helpful and create helpful content, then sorry this is the first response you get. But damn, the way you're presenting this is confusing and...suspect.
  • Order5Order5
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    I agree with Noburo, especially about Evie. She is the clunkiest early game character for a few main reasons:

    -If you decide to go scythe immediately at level 12 (when you unlock it) you'll soon find out that you don't actually have any scythe skills until level 24, and you will be stuck with the hippity hoppity dodge, unable to complete raid battles on your own. Meanwhile staff users unlock Flying Sparrow at level 18.
    -The first SP skill you learn is Healing Corona. You'll probably only end up casting it once during the boss fight due to its long cooldown, meanwhile your SP will forever sit at 1250.
    -Cloth armor. Most of the equipment with INT during the leveling stages are cloth. You won't be as squishy as an Arisha, but her Focus allows her to kite bosses to death better than Evie. Hop-Skip-Jump!
  • A_Little_EerieA_Little_Eerie
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    Your group is taking on a massive task, and having just one place for people to go to is convenient. The general intro into game mechanics and and what everything means is nice to have, and the moments where you teach players good habits is nice (tell them to mine ores from the beginning). However, previous updates have done so much to support new players (like just giving them level appropriate gear), that you can muscle your way through most of the content pre-level 40. Taking on all that early game content is nice, but I think you'll get more value focusing on the character skills, combat, and raid strategies with possibly a split between solo and party. If you're committed to those early quests, highlighting good farming places for ore and discussing missions that have hidden side bosses (like the hidden vampires in one of the Ainle runs) would be nice.

    Side Note:

    In the title section in your general intro, you write that you have to click the title to get the stats. This is untrue; simply earning the title will give you the stats. Also, you receive 80% of the stats that your other characters own. Because of this, it's really nice to spend some time farming titles. 70 titles may not be so impressive of a stat boost but once you hit 200 the numbers start looking a lot nicer.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    Alright, I got bored and humored the guide a bit. These aren't really personalized for each character at all, it would be more efficient to keep your battle quests in one document and then have more detailed "Mastering __________" sections for each class in their own document. I'm even more confused as to where you, as a player(players?), are in the game right now because of the lack of character knowledge being presented, and the misinformation that Eerie pointed out.

    So, what is it you need help with when you say you have 9 characters that need assistance? Are these characters you made specifically for the purpose of writing the guide as you go, or are these actually just your first of each character?

    Overall thoughts after reading:
    1. I really enjoyed your boss pattern descriptions, if you wrote them anyways. Have you considered updating the wiki pages for them to be like that? Back in the day I used to check wiki all the time to find out which attacks were normal attacks and which ones were smashes if I was struggling to beat a boss with Fiona. There hasn't really been much of that since season 2 articles started and it's pretty important with the addition of regular and perfect unblockables.
    2. Again, focus on individual character mechanics, trim down the guides a bit if you're not going to do character specific strategies for the bosses.
    3. I wouldn't recommend focusing on things like ap cost numbers and boss stats, as they're subject to change. Even the transform skill UI is going to be revamped later this year.
  • CessaCessa
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    Just doing a rough read.

    NEVER bother going back and redoing lower level missions for AP.
    AP generation is best obtained with Warm Welcome and Raids. Warm Welcome because it's easy and supplies Shiny Tickets. Raids because it's ~50 AP per raid and you get endgame drops from the raids. It is almost never worth it to run lower level content for AP. If you're really in a bind get a cheap Bloody Shade and take advantage of that instead for AP. Basically, each time you run some low leveled mission (that isn't for title farming or looking for a specific drop) you are losing out on the chance of running a raid instead which would not only grant you 50 AP but also a chance at a rare endgame type of drop. And most raids these days are just about almost as fast as low level content. Three to seven minutes, give or take.

    Drops are not shared in a party.
    Exp is decreased in parties? No...

    No, you should not max those skills out first. Holy hell that's so bad. You are gimping your characters so hard if you max skills out in that order. Combat Mastery, Stamina Mastery... oh gods...

    Nice work covering that lower level content but it's really not necessary. You can literally button mash through most of that stuff except some of the raid content like Hidden or White Tyrant. Cover those if you want, or some of the more difficult bosses. The rest are literally just cheese. And then at higher levels with higher stats that content becomes trivial to the extreme unless you intend to run them in Hero + Season of Macha (which again, is mostly pointless and not necessary).

    If you want to cover anything that players would need you should do video explanations of all of the endgame raids and how different characters should play against these raids. What should twinsword Vella be doing at Bark vs what should Delia be doing at Bark. How do you employ specific tactics and skills in the various scenarios to obtain the best results. etc
  • GruesomeCrimsonGruesomeCrimson
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    Thank-you for all those fine comments. I keep losing my accounts and have to create new ones. I got to start writing this down. I apologize for any inconveniences you may have. You overlooked a problem with your comments. Your experience and your insights into playing this game -- something I haven't got. Cessa has been playing this game, off and on for about six years, I remember reading in one of her posts. That is either real dedication or something else. They should on this forum include the players/commenters, game and experience level. What people don't readily know about Cessa is that she is a Level 90 player and I am a Level 49 player.

    However, they were correct about many of their assertions simply because they are experienced and battle-tested within this game from its earliest beginnings in 2010 . I wanted a guide that explained to me, what I should expect as I enter into the game. I wanted that information in a hard copy that I could put in a binder and have setting on the desk next to me. If I had a question I wanted the ability to turn to a page, read the information, and remain with in the in-game interface. I looked at a lot of videos for all the characters before and while putting these guides together -- most of them are and out of date.

    Although, I should tell you that the first time I put $50 on a character and saw what it did and what it didn't do for my character I realized that a lot of my assumptions about AP usage were incorrect in a large way. I felt rather foolish at that point. Note to Self: I got to stop using old videos off YouTube for information.

    I have had some time to play since I wrote these guides with my brother, we both have our experiences which are different but overall, we see eye-to-eye on our understanding of how the game works and how we can make the game work, in ways the developers hadn't counted on. By now you seen some of the experiments we are conducting on the various servers. We are currently on our third Vindictus account. The first was through Steam. On this account we created the Eleven characters to Level 9 and then Eight characters to Level 20 and Three characters to Levels 40, 44, and 49.

    We then wanted to know which was best the Steam launcher or the Nexon launcher? So we deleted the Steam account, got the Nexon launcher and downloaded the game again. We ran two characters on the East and the Australia servers. East server character was to tell us if you could play the game without using any AP points and if so how far could you get? Along the way other questions present themselves. On the Australia server the character would investigate the connection between character and bosses during game play. It is my new experiment, just got the results last week, seems promising as a challenge.

    The Nexon launcher and Vindictus account wasn't as reliable as Steam launcher and Vindictus account, for our location in the Pacific Northwest of America, so we deleted it. Went back to Steam and got a new account and downloaded the game again -- always have to start from a clean base for best results.

    My new experiment is call Rock Chisum (Lann) at level 20, on the West server, on all the time, except for those 3 to 5 hrs. catnaps and maintenance blackouts, he is a couple of experiments rolled into one. We did learn that commenter is correct, the lower levels have crap for AP s, but we found something else, you have to use at least 30 AP points to level between level 2 and level 3, or you can't progress into the game. However, we found out that past level three, AP points aren't required for the creation of the character.

    In fact, you could finish Episode One. As you level, your basic statistics accumulate higher and higher, you get different uniforms in those early levels that increase your abilities to defend yourself, and you get unlimited revivals until you reach level fifteen, should any thing go wrong. Well, that commenter was correct when it was said that the lower level maps contain lower levels and Raids contain higher levels. That would, by the admission of the commenter, require a party. I haven't got much of a party since my brother lives in a different timezone, and our professional lives make it hard to connect. I suspect that most new players haven't got parties they can just jump into. So they are going to have to do it the hard way and re-run those early maps for all the extra AP they can find. But you wouldn't know this since you're too comfortable at level 90. I don't know what it means to be comfortable.

    Lucky for them we did an experiment that address that concern, it is called Rock Chisum. Between Level 1 and Level 15, you are required to use 30 AP points for the 2-3 level conversion, Rock Chisum (Lann) at level 15 collected 1,008 unused AP points for the 7 "Low Level" maps in Episode One, with a grand total of 1038 AP points. How did you fare Cessa?

    If you're going to comment on my postings.... that once you have, I will ask you to use your game experience to help build these guides.

    Nuburo or Order5, I want you to post a tutorial, on how to get into a party, how do you talk to people in a party, what happens inside Raids, as a new person what is expected of me when I'm in a party, when I'm in a Raid, it has to be in the step-by-step format for children, don't assume that the person you are talking to knows anything. Then post here.

    Did you notice that none of the new people commented?

    Thank-you for your time and Destroy Everything.

  • NoburoNoburo
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    Are you the same who's posting those "Are you interested in Science" threads everywhere? Your posts and...research goals seem very similar. Trying to get such minimal parts of the game like the ap system down to a science, tackling them with such an uninformed view of the game and going as far as to spend hundreds of dollars and weeks/months of starting and restarting the game over and over for the sake of this guide.

    I'm not going to post a tutorial on how to press enter or click around on the interface to figure out how to speak. I've made a lengthy guide on how to fight Ancient Siglint in this subforum if you'd like to see how I try to teach people raids and mechanics. That's an example of a near entry level raid that you can experience after about 3-4 hours of doing stories and leveling normally. Criticize that as you will, I've definitely been harsh enough on you in this thread that you should have a shot at my attempt at a guide.

    New players are probably more concerned with playing the game than trying to help write a guide for something they've barely played, and definitely don't have the know-how to fact check or add to a guide like this.

    I may be sounding a bit angry in my posts here but I'm serious, you're wasting your time and more money than I've spent on Vindictus since 2014 trying to set up this reference guide for such simple things when you could just ask people like I said earlier. I'm so sorry that a dated YouTube guide tricked you into spending on something that was probably useless, but would this have been a problem if you just played instead of referring to guides on what you should and shouldn't be buying right away? Usually when people start a free to play game they try to go as far as they can without spending first. I can't think of a wall that you would've hit with that approach to Vindictus if you didn't get anywhere near endgame.

    I may add more to this later, I just want to play now that maint is over.
  • OkatsuOkatsu
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    These guides don't seem fruitful.
    First of all there doesn't need to be 11 of them. Evidently you haven't played half these characters so half of these 43 page documents lack any unique information. You could've have easily separated all the general information and the walk through of the respective dungeons, which was pretty informative I'll add, into their own guides. This would've made these "character guides" a lot more concise and organized. I'd rather not have to scroll through pages of basic stuff (which wasn't even edited per character so clearly it didn't need to be on all of them) in order to get to the information that I'm looking for.

    Secondly a lot of these are terribly out of date. Which seems to be something you seem to have a problem with when it comes to guides.
    I looked at a lot of videos for all the characters before and while putting these guides together -- most of them are and out of date.
    Meanwhile I take a gander at Evie's guide and I see:
    While this skill hasn't been in the game for a very long time. This isn't even up to date with one of evie's earlier revamps. Kind of invalidates the whole guide.

    There's also a few nitpick stuff I can point out like you saying "I should be comfortable with my character at level 9," which is literally impossible. I can't even begin to be comfortable with a character until around level 60, the first point at which I have unlocked all my character's tools. I understand around level 9 is the first time the game faces you with a challenge, the Gnoll Chieftan. At this point the game hopes you understand the importance of things like dodging and using secondary weapons (and I'd also add in teamwork although with no new players coming in you won't have any exposure to this), which is also the reason this is around the time they deny you unlimited goddess graces.

    Also a big part of being around that level range is because that's when you'll be delving into the primary setting of the game: The Raids.
    And while you give a little description of what a couple of raid bosses moves look like the mechanics of this game call for experience. No amount of reading is going to prepare you for what you have to face. No amount of previous experience with a different boss is going to prepare you for the one next in line. You're going to get hit. You're going to die. The game is not easy or simple and there is a skill set that one needs to develop in order to survive and none of these guides really teach you the basis of what you need to know for a character. All I picked up is how to trudge through mobs that won't be giving anyone trouble otherwise.

  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    Speaking of Guides theres a Gun/Bow Guide on the kai forums, just saying just in case any noobie kais are looking around.