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Significant FPS Drops While Hosting Boats

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Recently I've come into an issue where I can't seem to host boats without my framerate dropping below 5-20, despite normally being between 30-60 when not hosting or without players in general. This is not an issue I had before, as about a week or two ago I could host boats without any problems. Is anyone else having this issue? Changing graphics settings does not help, my GPU is up to date, I have a decent upload speed of anywhere between 6-10mb/s. Removing the UI helps a little bit, but it still drops significantly whenever I get into the action. It's hard to host raids/missions when everyone is lagging cause of my end. Any help is appreciated.


  • HolodeckHolodeck
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    Some battles are worse than others for hosting because this game is a poorly optimized pile of garbage. Juggernaut and Pantheum are examples of particularly bad battles for host FPS. You should use the Multiprocessing option when you host. It offloads some of the processing onto the other players so you can host without too big of an FPS hit. It works MOST of the time.
  • Controller001Controller001
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    Whats worse, this game gets bottlenecked so hard by my cpu (i5 4210u 2.4ghz) that no matter what settings (besides lowest possible that still drop to same performance after some time) i use iam stuck in mid 30s in empty channel and 0~20fps in dungeons.
    Cpu load dosent go beyond 50% (yeah game uses 1 core only, but still)
  • TheDestroyerTheDestroyer
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    I used to be able to host perfectly fine. Even battle like pantheum and jugg i pulled 30+ at least most of the time. Now battles lag like complete garbage, dropping into the 10's for fps.... I literally have to use multi now to achieve the same performance... even multi took a hit because when i used to use it a few updates ago i would get 50-60 fps no probs constantly, now multi is about where my normal used to be.. sitting in the 40's mid battle. I dont mind using multi as it launches like every time for me, but it still fails mid battle. (yes ive crashed with 2 bars left on neamhain)

    Specs are
    i5 4690k @4.2
    gtx 750 ti
    8gb ram ddr3

    i know its not my computer, this thing is fast as hell and runs everything else just fine.

    My graphics go from max- custom (without player effects) and slightly lower stuff depending on battle.

    I will not lower my graphics on low to test because its pointless. The game literally runs worse with every update pushed out.
  • HSPuppetsHSPuppets
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    Honestly I've seen no changes with changing graphics settings, regardless of having the issue or not. Maybe 5 FPS improvement in towns, but not significant enough. I haven't tested multi processing yet, as last time I ran multi processing the same issue occurred but affected the players that joined just as badly. I'll run some tests later to see if anything works.
  • Controller001Controller001
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    Since EU forums will shut down soon, i just paste one of my post here, since it will be relevant for time to come.
    Here is the diffrence of few diffrent settings.
    Ingame Max (no MSAA)

    And 32x MSAA, 16x Texture Filtering, AO (CS:go)

    Notice FPS diffrence of 6 (that was created by bottlenecking with GPU that cant no longer handle such high pixel count) also it dosent seem to want enter "working stage" 405mhz(default) 540mhz when its being pushed (still only at 540mhz out of 1124mhz)
    While Cpu was chilling at 50% load (+9 chrome tabs open)
    And game running on lowest settings (DX8 too) Chrome off aswell.
    looks better right ?
    Well while typing this, i went back to game to check if its stable (it wasint before so why would this time be any diffrent) Since it does RANDOMLY drop to this kind of performance.
    Giving up on trying to make this game run any better...
    P.S and its in EMPTY channel, gets way worse in parties (even had single digit fps (from1 to 9) during 16 man lakiora few days back when something was triggered after few bars that coused it.
    I know CPU is bottlenect, but for it to be bottlenecked even at lowest settings or when theres nothing going on empty channel.