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Problem with Boast Emote in Supply Depot

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edited January 18, 2017 in Bug Reporting
So I bought the Boast emote alone in the Supply Depot, and instead, I got the Annoyed emote. I already submitted a ticket about this. Just letting everyone know that if you want the Boast emote alone, don't buy it just yet because it is bugged.
  1. Does anyone else have this issue?3 votes
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  • JentemoonJentemoon
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    Hey There!

    Thank you for reporting this issue to us, Currently we are aware of this issue and the game team is looking into it! If you purchased the Boast Emote from the Supply Depot, but received the Annoyed emote instead you can write in a ticket to our support and we will correct this for you. :3

    I apologize to those who experienced this :c If you encounter any other issues with the emotes always feel free to let me know ;D
  • SifTheWolfSifTheWolf
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    Hey Jente, I made a new forum post for the Fury one - there's an issue where you buy it, are charged for it but dont receive it. - Nvm this was fixed
  • I also bought the boast and the determined emote and it took my NX but never unlocked the emotes for me...