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What is our primary DPS scenerios/rotations?

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in Karok
I've just stuck to spending all SP on hurricane unless im in parties in which I use the clashing 1000SP skill for cestus. (internal something)

What is best to use?


  • NoburoNoburo
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    Generally you want to be using the Cataclysm rotation as much as possible.

    Build a comfortable amount of sp (I go for 400ish if I'm not running cat statue)>cast Raging Volcano>spam blasts/strong blasts>use Gigantic Strength and launch a Big Bang Attack before Cataclysm expires. Make sure to convert Gigantic Strength into Ruminate before that runs out so you can attack nonstop and have sp to do this cycle again when it's off cooldown.

    Hurricane is good, Internal and Hulking Fury are more situational utilities. Hurricane is most effective when you have Destroyer crits available.
  • OrbitalOrbital
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    I'm guessing you are asking for cestus...? No love for the pillar guys...