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Should I gear my character, or wait until 95 cap?

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Just came back after taking a break for about a year and a half. I had more gold on my account than I thought, around 600m but I'm not sure if I should even bother gearing my character, or just keeping my enchanted 80 gear and just farm more gold until 95 cap and gear rolls around. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated. +best


  • BirdSpiritBirdSpirit
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    The 95 update is coming in about 5 months, so you decide from that info.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    The 95 weapon will be the biggest help. The 85 accessories are already out, and 90 armor with high roll shards and R7 scrolls will put you in pretty much the same place as 95 armor. If you're not going to be playing much for the next little while you could save the gold until then as prices should drop more overall.
  • PuppymanPuppyman
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    Do what I plan to do, gear up all your chars for the 95 raid, then get decked with 95 when it comes out. Right now highest demand in terms of stats is neamhain, which is a pain to gear for if you didn't already have all the stats required, and for such it would be more worth waiting till 95 for being more easy to acquire those high stats at less expenses.
    Pretty sure only new acc, earring and belt, are worth getting at the moment.
    Then there's also the whole idea that they're probably gunna release more 95 armors and weapons. But either way you'd know by then.
  • NytsuyaNytsuya
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    I wouldn't bother waiting for 95 gear simply because the current 90 gear is enough to cap 90% of the games content easily. The extra stats from 95 gear will make absolutely no difference outside of the new raid it comes with. Even then, fully enchanted 90 gear will be more than enough . Pair that with how terribly slow new content comes out... its just not worth it. Use the time from now till then to get a decent 90 set and enjoy the game now while it lasts...
  • imPuIsiveimPuIsive
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    I guess I'll just gear now than. +best thanks everyone
  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    On the one hand you just missed a great time to gear up cheap (the most recent 1 month Enchant Scroll event), on the other hand it's still dirt cheap and ES scroll prices still haven't recovered to what they were Before the event. I used the Scroll event to completely deck out my 1st main, but for my 2nd main i did it slightly different and maybe this advice can help you:
    1) lvl 95 weapon is categorically better than lvl 90, and you want a set bonus, and it will take a while for them to get out light and cloth armor given how they did lvl 90 gear. So what I did is I fully scrolled my 2nd mains Terminus Pant/Helment/glove since these will have a very long life expectancy. For the Plate chest and feet, all i did was throw on a cheap Master/Tutelary/sentinel which you can get real cheap now cause you can buy scrolls on the MP now (yes I couldn't believe it when i came back to playing) and is pretty low risk. Full orange gear is also dirt cheap and you can use seal shop. The top tier earring/belt/brooch are alraedy out and you should shoot for getting those so accesories are pretty much a no brainer. The only thing I wouldn't bother doing is going for anything risky on the weapon. Shoot for a decent +10 w/ 1 r7 and valor or bloodlust and that should do you just fine till lvl95.