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General concept?

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in Lynn
On easy bosses any combo works. On very difficult bosses dodge and smash seems to be the effective thing to do. Killer Dart is also useful at times.

One thing drastically different I do not like is the move, dodge smash, smash. It used to give a swift assassin mark. Makes regaining stamina much more difficult.

I like using Lynn but compared to Arisha the character seems weak. What are your thoughts?


  • BreadmanBreadman
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    This is why most people stack speed on Lynn, and recommend at least 40 to be able to do decently.

    Dodge smash was usually unused due to it being unable to apply gold marks. With Full Bloom, it becomes even more important to always apply gold marks or convert blues via Divine Spear or doing another enhanced smash.

    I'd personally consider Lynn to be on the mid to mid-low. She has maps where she can perform extremely well, but she will still slightly lag behind most of the cast. On her bad matchups, this gap becomes a lot bigger.