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Why do the Dev's hate Hammer & Large Shield

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Sword & Small shield has been the preferred Fiona weapon for a pretty long time and it's pretty clear as it why.

Sword Fiona is easier to play, safer and easier to solo with, and just out DPS's hammer with similar stats. Hammer is much slower and harder to play, and relies on keeping Slashing High for damage. Hammer requires a lot of investment (attack speed stacking) to even compete with Sword.

Can someone tell me why they gave Amaranth Kick a 20-25% damage boost. It makes no sense to me that a kick does more damage than Stigma hammer which is the slowest smash to execute. And they buffed Focal point, Sword's sandbag DPS option.

I'm aware of all the latest buffs, but it feels like the Dev's just want to make Sword more superior. Being able to skip to the 3rd normal after was a direct buff to both Hammer and Sword, but it also made Large Shield completely useless... Again. Small Shield is mandatory of Sword Fiona. Hammer can use either or but Small shield is better due to the greater SP gain and knockdown chance. Face tanking is definitely a bad practice also...


  • RenkotsuRenkotsu
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    While i do agree that large shield became useless ,it was the other way around back then ,when you could block so few boss with small shield , and hammer was overpowered back in 2013 , remember how everyone and their mother would spin to win .

    I dont know why they alway buff one weapon more than the other

    As of now large shield is completely useless ,hammer is fine , maybe they could add a new skill ,for example make shield enhancement usable for hammer aswell ,it trigger the shield anyway not the sword , i dont know why you can only use that skill with a sword.
  • JayeJaye
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    Yea, I'm aware of what happened back then. Giving Hammer Shield Enhancement would be nice, but then Large Shield would need to be buffed heavily. You get enough survivability with Small Shield, faster sp gain, Heavy Stander and Downward Counter. And Spin2Win, I wouldn't say is very common now, since S3 bosses hit harder and faster. You can't just face everything anymore. Her base speed is still really slow for S3 bosses. Plus, the arrival of other characters and buffs make her average now. Not OP.

    During the Fiona revamp, Large Shield could skip to the 3rd normal and Iron Defense was which brought it back a bit, but as of the latest patch, Small Shield got buffed again. Hammer is fine, especially now that you can deflect Stigma, but Sword received so many buffs making it viable for both solo and sandbags along with better survivability. Slashing High is where Hammer's damage is coming from and it isn't confirmable damage on top of that. You have to be deflecting during your Butterfly swings but with low attack speed, you will only perform poorly. I just can't get over the fact that Amaranth Kick hits harder then Stigma now. Isn't Hammer suppose to be high-risk high reward, but Sword is low risk, high reward. Makes no sense at all. I main Hammer since I enjoy it more, but if I really want to go try hard for S3 and the upcoming Neamhain, I have to use Sword. Period.
  • BreadmanBreadman
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    Pretty much why I stopped playing Fiona completely.
    Hammer has to deal with a lot of annoying BS like trying to deflect Regina's narrow attacks or Glas's high swings to get respectable damage out, but comparatively speaking it doesn't really do much with how much damage the other weapons are doing.
    Another peeve I've had since Ignition is that hammers seem to rely on getting alot of smaller weaker hits in while swords have been more of getting single stronger hits (not including lightsaber). What.

    Right now hammer is just anything sword can do but weaker and unsafer.
  • Controller001Controller001
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    Fiona needs a heavy rework from ground up, since buffing/nerfing only ends up breaking this character with outdated mechanics.
    It needs rework like Evie ( remember melee staff ?, 1 curse with scythe, and now Evie staff = High survivability and okay damage, while scythe offeres high offensive power and low defenses)
    On other hand Fiona is a mess...
    Sword + Small shield = Damage better than hammer, better survivability, it's better in every aspect than hammer (new gear are to blame too, that gave equal stats for all weapons, unlike before hammer had advantage in CRIT and ATT)
  • IbNoobIbNoob
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    To me the problem with hammer is balance and speed and Large shield need a rework.. Also not like anyone is selling +10 or+11 level 80 or 90 hammers on east