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Let's be real. The timers do nothing to hinder bots and only hinder actual players.

Who remembers this game before there were any timers in battles? That was amazing.
  1. Should timers be removed?21 votes
    1. Yes
       76% (16 votes)
    2. No
       24% (5 votes)


  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    Timers are the single most annoying thing in this game, other than the enhancement system itself. Maybe if the bosses weren't so freaking weak, we wouldn't have this timer problem in the first place. Well I'm referring to season 3 of course, just that having to wait 2 minutes on a boss that only takes 15 seconds to kill is just outrageous. within that 2 minute counter, I would be able to kill ze werewolf 8 times over on top of that initial kill. This is what happens when you make players too powerful that they had to put a timer on certain boss fights. Not our fault that we like to complete runs as fast as possible... it's in our blood.
  • PandariaPandaria
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    How does timer not hinder bots?
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    I voted no because the farming bots are market destroyers of season 1 items. I enjoy feeding the whales in this game with my overpriced basic mats.

    The way I view this situation is that bots have an extreme effect on the marketplace with lower level items but little effect on high level items. Removing the timers would make it even harder to earn gold.

    As much as I hate the timers, I do see their effectiveness.