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Vindictus new chapter/content... who cares?

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It's great this game has new content, but tbh I haven't even started it yet. In no particular reason here is why:
1) Since I'm level capped at Lvl90, and story missions are great EXP, and since I hate farming EXP, I am inclined to wait until 95 lvl cap raise to even do this new content
2) New Content offers more of the same but nothing really new. As far as I know the Story completion rewards aren't anyhitn special either (correct me on this if wrong)
3) These +2 raids and +2 evil core events encourage you to spam most cost effective raids ( Rocheste at Sea, etc) in lieu of doing new content
4) Without anything of value dropping in the new content (excpetion maybe new Magic powder farming location that rivals two moons barely) there is nothing great being "unlocked" by doing new content in terms of money making

So, here's some ideas for devcat to make new content more rewarding for ALL players:
1) Introduce EXP banking system (similar to how you can Bank 50k AP) so that I CAN do the new content and bank all that yummy EXP
2) I know new valuable items in new content ( not unnecessary new armor) is too much to ask so here is an idea: reinvent/make old stuff better. Ex) Give those standard ERG pots/ mining locations / and gathering spots a major boost in new content. Like maybe all gathering in new area doesn't give star fruit or salt, just the more valuable ones, and while at it maybe it give 2x instead of 1x. Same with mines ... have them drop 2x the amount of ore instead 1x, etc. If you have a really geared character that can clear the new content and older content equally fast, you now make incentive to unlock new story and do it for valuable stuff
3) Coordinate release of new content with your events instead of just randomly recyclying events.

This is not a knock on nexon/devcat/ etc., just some reason why I haven't even done the new content ( and I'm sure I'm not alone) and some changes that could be made that would make me more inclined.


  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    just connect every dungeon map together to have one big mabinogi/vindictus world and then turn it into an 'open world game' then put some afk/side activities to do like fishing on the coast of malina or go out to sea on the boats that we load for battle in. turn that one s2 place with the flying gremlins into mine city . put farms in the game too because people like to farm. also put in raid bosses that spawn throughout the world, like one of the dragons spawning in a location and everybody goes to kill it. he heh heh

    and then u'd have endless content!
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    ^^ Nice one, but I already own and play Dark Souls +haha
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Well, considering that we even had a KR player come here to vent about how their new head of development is running things, I doubt there's much good on the horizon for us. Instead of fixes we get gotchas. I do like your ideas of ways to make old content relevant, though.