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This gets worse and worse


  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    Problem is that with the game no longer having hero mode except certain raid bosses and being limited to 5 battles only... it becomes a casual bore. I don't mean that as an offense, but If you're restricted to a favorite spot of grinding in a dungeon crawler game... something is definitely off there.

    For most of us, Hero mode was our bread and butter for income, even bagging over 50,000 Gold a run that could be completed in less than 3 minutes... tops.

    Now, you complete a dungeon that would have given you 70,000 gold each run, but the game's level penalty system and restrictions per area per day is what is really killing the enthusiasm to playing the game. Case en point being the new enhancement system requiring a crap ton of stones per attempt when you only get one or two a run if you're considerably lucky.

    1-5 = safe.

    6-8 = dura loss or RESET.

    9+ = BOOM. No ifs, ands, or butts about it.

    For soloing the new S3... having decent gear is usually the biggest standstill I ever seen in the longest of times. There's no Rise... only Fall.
  • YakuzamaYakuzama
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    I realy liked the old vindictus and i loved with my guild mates the game,but with this Rise patch its became worse Vindcitus.I played since 2013 but now i dont realy wana play so much with Vindictus ,because it's very boring we dont have any challenge for to do Ben maps or other maps etc.The new scroll drop loacations I thnink it's not a bad idea but not good (many people of my friends + our community thinks it was better old sistem).The new scroll drops lacation it's ridiculously (i think) no have challange to farm it the scrolls, miss old hero dungeons.We get with RISE patch new changes to (rank 8-9 scrolls now didnt broke the
    equipment ect hurray ,yes it's was a good point appreciate,but another negative thing it's all maps are limited 5 runs per day... .Oke lets see i want to farm for myself something but i am limited and i am forced for wait another day or going with my other character (or I create another character) to solve it this thing, it's really annoying .The other way I am real disappointed with this changes it's not worth to put effort for farm scrolls or legendary shards because its dropping so too easy to get it.
    I love Vindictus for good and unique combat system,and for i got good friends on game but i don't understand nexon korea why did this things,they didnt care about they didn't care about with the veterans only with the new customers want to do a favor ?This way they will killing slowly the Europe region market palce.Now days didn't worth to craft armors or weapons for sell its at least for NPC's , on old days you crafted for yourself to earn some money. I miss old things and not just for me.Hope Nexon fix what they did bad and turn this game in something fun again.
  • AbyssofthorAbyssofthor
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    My reaction to some of these changes made by nexon

  • EnigmaTaroEnigmaTaro
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    Let's see...

    How to fix jump? REMOVE

    How to fix the cluttering of useless blue shards and trash mats? REMOVE

    How to fix potion freeze glitch? REMOVE potion animation

    How to fix content that nobody runs realistically? REMOVE

    How to fix Lynn? REMOVE o:)

    Devcat best team ever.
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  • SaintGuinnessSaintGuinness
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    gogoshica wrote: »
    gogoshica wrote: »
    Cutee wrote: »
    i think at least the s3 raids should be 8 man ers again, sucks to not be able to play with everyone from the guild cuz "Sorry no spots left" :|

    Or you could like...you know...make 2 parties of 4 men.

    Unless you enjoy the community of normal 8 person raid groups? People could easily do 4 man groups, including by setting up oaths for it. Sorry that you're so unhappy that you always throw your vitriol about as though it will make you feel better, hope you get through whatever is going on. Being completely serious.

    Keep throwing tantrums about how the game sucks now.It makes me any many others happy knowing that the game will stay this way and a large part of the community will remain forever salty.

    Rise best update ever because it accomplished 2 great things at the same time: Great new update and pissing off NX haters once more (hardcore mode this time)


    What exactly are the "Great new update(s)"? Just name your top three.
  • ArcticAzrealArcticAzreal
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    I actually enjoy a lot of the updates of the game I think its a lot of fun now. I like that the raids are 4 man less bs from players who are trying to cause drama, or players who believe playing around while everyone works there butt off in a pain, and if you already have a set team, which I normally do. I don't have to wait on serval other people to come along and then I wanna kick in the face after a while because they are just screwing around, I think beside the fact that boats where the player is completely offline but the boats still there on the board glitches need to be fixed already, I do hate that now everything's pretty much given to you now so any hard work we put into the gamer before is now just simplified. I like that the expertise is much simpler then it was previous and this is coming from someone who 99.9% of the time farms all her mats. ((Trust me I had to deleted 2 accounts FULL of mat for all my expertise's but you know what I got some gold for it so eh who cares?)) The NA EAST server MP however I doing pretty down hill and fast. I'm watching the prices of +12s even go pretty low, the whales of the server of course aren't helping which is another huge pain, but I mean what are you going to do, there is always going to be a whale. The game play isn't bad and I love the updates, I don't like some of the glitches like the boats on the board being up there for a week before finally they seem to come down. Also the fact that make gold is more of a pain in the butt then it was before. But I'm sure with 95 we may see a difference unless... the Vindicators boxes also include 95 stuff in the case well aren't we all screwed lol.
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    @ ArcticAzreal but we already have steps and thing in place to deal with 8 ppl raids and some one is not doing anything. Since you said you kinda have a fixed party for raids, make those raids on private so no random can join. Or if a random is afking, there is a vote kick to toss them out. They should not remove the 8 man limit in some raids. What is the point of having a guild? 50 man guild is big but only 4 ppl in raids, it is like a social game but you only have my top 5 call plan. My guess the lowering of the difficulty made 8 man pointless in S1 and S2 but they could have just promote EASY mode with 4 party system instead removing what was working for the most us and made us replay. The crafting system below 90 is kinda pointless and the amount of thing you will need to craft is so annoying. Sure no more grinding at one spot but it like grind this area and hope you get the early stuff you need and use bloody 15 of them to craft one. I have tons of Pro crafting items but can hardly find journey ones even though I am going into the areas it suggested. Also why remove NPC crafting, there is no way i want to learn tailoring then ditch it for armor smith then remove it for weapons.
  • FlameSama1FlameSama1
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    I love the mental gymnastics of people here defending one-shotting once fun to fight bosses and removing giant chunks of content from the game. "No really, they always remove content from lively, healthy games, honest!" Lol shine on you crazy diamonds.