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Why did nexon change special bloody night set


  • AbyssofthorAbyssofthor
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    On today's stream, Nexon confirmed that the set is fixed, no more forced ugly gray inner.
    image I log in yesterday and today and the set is not fix . So if they have fixed the issue and will update the game with said fix on next update that's image


    W00DSTER said:

    Is there a fix yet? logged in for the first time in 3 months ugly brown coulda at least made the fixed inner pink
    They might fix it this patch on Wednesday.

    Here is hoping that's case because if not well outfitters will out question for me in the future. image I wouldn't be surprise if some SJW's got salty in korea and want it outfitter to be censored and I hate censorship. image
  • TeryGTeryG
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    edited December 17, 2016
    Just got the latest update and it's fixed! :) :) Thanks!