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Random party gameplays(Sylas View)

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edited December 18, 2016 in Sylas
I originally started the recording because the boss was in an unusual position and wanted to capture it,but i end up recording the rest of the run.

Mainly displaying that as opposed as some might think of Sylas gameplay,it's far from a L-L-L-L/R spam over and over again.There is definitely other things to incorporate if you want to exploit the character at full potential.

-Lots of Cyclone saw+Illusion Fist yes,but you do need in most case to Spirit Rend to maximize your overall Shards damage(it does add up pretty well)

-Phantasmic slash should definitely be used on cooldown

-Same goes for Spectral Sting

-Phantom Shooter is an extra damage that you can put in when traveling as well.

-Extinction Roar,very powerful skill,can crit up to 60K ishh,*maybe* even more,havn't looked into it.Definitely needs to be used as well and than again sometime it's better stacking it to the maximal number of shards wich is 20 but other times it's just better triggering it as fast as possible

-It's also very easy to waist shards in the course of action when the bosses are moving around or teleporting,going into I-Frames,ect.Timing and accuracy is required to prevent it as much as possible.

-In general it's a lot of quick chainings,between your available skills.Knowing how to fit whats the most conveniant in the moment,because it can be quite differant from battle to battle.That's part of what i like about this character,there is always a certain game of choosing whats best has the action goes on.

This is not too in depth for now,but i will definitely make a guide on a week-end,when i have the time: