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RNG removal?

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Not sure if it's something for Vindictus by this point, but I'm going to just put it out there anyway. What if instead of the RNG system, there was an activity point system, kind of like with the Seals, but more along the lines of having everything part of the exchange shop. In the sense that the more you play, dungeons, raids, mini games, events you could earn points towards buying items from the exchange. So like if you do a dungeon of your level or 10 under you would gain 2 points, mini-games would be 1 point, raids would be 1+1 Seal, participating in event dungeons would earn you 3. So the more you play the better items you can earn. Rather than this broken RNG system. Of course this is just random stats for the idea, if anyone took this as a serious thought it would be up to whoever that may be. Though personally, I would find it far better time spent in the game than the RNG. There are ways to beef this up but I'm tired and don't really wish to go over every thing. I doubt anyone will even look at this as a positive.


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    The thing is the game at that point would either need a complete NX shop overhaul or the game may as well be Pay2Play xD and chances are Pay2Play would more than likely be the balance solution. I highly doubt a lot of players would be willing to pay in order to even play the game at that point especially after playing it for free for 6 years. xD

    Removal of RNG stuff for drops, infusions, etc. all has to come at a cost to balance things out in order for the game to even make profit. Pretty sure we all want no RNG but at the same time an MMO isn't really challenging if you don't have RNG.

    First things first. Ya gotta come up with ways to balance things if you plan to remove RNG from these kind of things that happen to make the game profit. For example not even PSO2 has a "no RNG" thing. Nor do games like FF14, BDO, or even TERA for that matter.