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How to make monies?

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I seriously don't know what to do to make money these days :0 the OJ wep feathers even if very high rolls and effects...won't go over 50M, I thought the scrolls were gonna be the only thing that was gonna get us money now, but surprisei got an immoral....it was 20M.

And I think farming rings ain't worth it anymore since they're like what? 20M - 30M ? And getting them ain't very easy you know?...

I also tried Two Moons but... Is just not worth it.

HALP ;-;


  • ArellaRothArellaRoth
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    Two Moons is worth it now with the upcoming enchant scroll event.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    Nowaday nothing worth anything anymore. Everything is so easily accessible, you can't be rich by getting lucky with one or two drops - you need a steady stream of them. I guess nexon is trying to ease the grind, but this is just too much at once.
  • M3lancholyM3lancholy
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    At this point in time, there's no alternative to making a decent sum of in-game money. Of course, the amount of in-game money someone makes compared to another may seem insignificant depending on the person.

    Your best bet for making stable income at this point in time is to farm Season 3 dungeons for the materials (Eg. Godly Cloths, Heavenly Leather, Godly Ore, etc.) that may increase in price for the future smash update where we'll be able to min/max our stats and hoard them.

    Doing daily runs such as Rocheste By Sea (Muir) for fast and easy paradise stones (don't forget B/O) and Hero Mode Secret Naughty Chamber (Lv. 50 Succubus) for a small chance at an Enthus ES (valued at 25-30mil) are other alternatives as well.

    Farming rings are somewhat worth it depending on the ring itself; if it's a CMA the value is about 60-80 mil but if it's a TR it's around 20-25mil.

    If you're looking to make a large sum of money, I currently see no option but if it's a stable income you're looking for, perhaps the method mentioned above will prove useful.
  • MiracleMiracle
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    blow up your spellsword for empowered stones and elixirs and sell them.
  • PixelPantsuPixelPantsu
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    I do short misty runs to farm for enthu' scrolls, they sell for 30mil or so.
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    Making money in this game has always been about paying attention to upcoming content and stocking up on relevant materials while they are cheap, and selling them while they are expensive.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    The only reason you needed exorbitant amounts of gold was because of all the whales buying gold through rmt and gouging other players for sought-after items. Now that prices have been brought down to more reasonable levels for most mats, and will be brought back in check temporarily for scrolls, players can attain decent amounts of gold simply by playing. The only ones who want to keep things crazy high are those who want massive returns on items that they've bought up and horded, or those who like to keep their items more exclusive so that they simply will see fewer players in the game with them.

    Make what gold you can and make the smart decision by buying things at reasonable prices. It's nice to know that we'll finally be in a place where you can make the gold for at least some items within a reasonable span of time. Some things will stay somewhat higher because of the poopy RNG in this game, but there's no reason for most items to take weeks and weeks of grinding to attain enough gold for.
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    If you're lucky, just buy gachapons (Vindicator) and future gachapons w/ Outfitters and fashion items. Outfitters tend to make the most profit ranging from 200-300M and upward.

    I imagine if and when the Succubus Pet gachapon releases, the airtight pets will sell for a lot. If I remember correctly, the Succubus Pet gachapon introduces airtight pets. Yes, even the Gold Gnoll is included in the drop table.