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Allowing ppl to join Launched Non-raid Boats?

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Just a carefully considered thought that came to my mind.
How about we allow people to join boats that have launched already? This would exclude raids because of boss hp scaling but how about battles in fomorian base, sewers, s2 normal battles, colhen possibly.
So, if my boat started and I'm still on the first map, anyone could walk in my boat and spawn from the second map assuming I didn't set it Private..
This would be very convenient since I feel like people make boats when they missed one so having this feature would allow us to not worry about that.
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    Seems like similar system to the one in BnS.
    In there you can join basically any time you want to dungeon, in fact it automatically finds you the party and choose one of the possibile (it works great if let's say someone DCs and does not rejoin so you lack party members to finish the battle, or if you want to start a battle already without waiting for people to join).
    Tho in BnS, battles are less 'dodge/skill' based, and in some of the parties you actually need other people to finish the battle so the feature has quite essential utility, because otherwise you'd have to start the battle all over again.

    In Vindictus, hm... well it could be useful in some situations, tho it's not something necessary i guess... and you rarely have someone who DCs without joining back right after. Also i think there would be many people who become 'jealous' of other players who would join in the end of boss and get items.

    It could work as optional feature, which you turn ON/OFF before creating boat... so if someone wants to use it - he can turn it ON, and if someone doesn't (for whatever reason) - then he can turn it OFF. This would also solve the issue with HP scaling, in a way that if you turn this feature ON - there would be no HP scaling, but if you keep this feature OFF - then you have HP scaling (if someone wants to do the battle with less people).

    One more thing would be, that it could cause some issues with hosting system. Hosting in this game is already quite pain in the ass and needs improvements/fixes all the time... so adding more features that could affect stability of it, could decrease performance and worsen experience for other people.
    Like when someone joins for assist, you can often see a momentary drop in performance (small lag or freeze), this would probably influence the performance in similar way. And btw. if we look on the 'assist system', it seems to indicate that developers wanted the game to work this way, to reward only those who start the battle from the beginning (since assist players don't get rewards), so i don't know if they would be willing to introduce this kind of system.