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Lynn's official backstory (Rise update)

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Lynn's official backstory as seen in-game post-character creation.
Keep in mind in-game backstories are shortened. Fan translated full backstory (pre-rise) is available here
Images were taken from official Vindictus Korea website.
My sister looked stunning as she gazed in the mirror,
styling her hair.

Big Sister

Beautiful! You're the most beautiful in the world!

My sister would smile and ruffle my hair
whenever I said that.


My mother sent me to spear lessons ever since
I was little, because I was so weak.

My spear teacher was a man a year or two younger
than my sister.

My sister would often come to my lessons and watch me.

I liked how she would smile at my teacher.

I also liked how he would smile back.

I hoped that things would work out between them.

And I thought that they would.


When my sister found out she was being married off,
she cried and cried and cried.

Why don't you just run away?

Big Sister
Some things are just beyond our control.

I heard that country she was marrying into had ten
times the military force of ours.

Even as she prepared for a marriage she didn't want,
my sister would smile at me.

How can you smile at a time like this?

A few years later, my sister returned to our castle.


She was sick with tuberculosis. Her face was gaunt.
I still thought she was the most beautiful person in the world.

She passed away a few days later.

During her last moments, my spear teacher was holding
her hands. He did not attend her funeral.

That night, he vanished.

A little later, a messenger came from the east.

He said that a soldier from this country had attempted
to assassinate their king. It was an act of rebellion.

He also demanded an apology from my mom
for sending such a frail bride.

My mother shook her head when the messenger stated
that all would be forgiven if she sent another bride.


That night, my mother came into my room holding
a knife.

One flash of her blade, and my hair fell to the floor.

My daughter, the princess, has died today.
Flee with the rest of the citizens.

Mother didn't even say goodbye.

I'm so glad that I taught you how to use a spear...

I left the castle with shortened hair.

I could hear the shouting of the solders of the east
on my heels.


As my hair re-grew, I hardened my resolve.

I would get stronger.

I am Lynn, princess of the lost kingdom.


A campfire burned brightly.

The man threw in more wood before asking.

Mysterious Man
So, what's a kid like you doing here?

What's an old man like you doing here?

Mysterious Man
Old man? What? I'm only twenty!

I'm not a kid, either.

Mysterious Man
Okay, okay. You win.
What's a young lady like you doing here?

Searching for someone strong.

Mysterious Man
You don't say. How come?

I have something to reclaim.

Mysterious Man
Yeah? Then maybe you're looking for me.
I'm a lot stronger than I look.

Lynn snickered and stood up to go.

That's my cue to exit. I'm Lynn.
It was nice to meet you.

My name is Lann.

Well, Lann, if you're really as strong as you think
you are, we're bound to meet again.

You can count on it. Take care, Lynn.

Lann shook Lynn's hand with a smile.

The chirping of birds could be heard echoing
through the forest.