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Karok's official backstory (Rise update)

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Karok's official backstory as seen in-game post-character creation.
Keep in mind in-game backstories are shortened.
Images were taken from official Vindictus Korea website.
Kaiman Forest was a rain forest
in the middle of the continent.

Deep within that rain forest, a town of giants
was hidden from the rest of the world.


It was the final match of the arena, to discern
who was the strongest member of the tribe!

Heavy drumming marked the start of the match.

Two giants crossed their fists in salute.

Karok, the newcomer, and Akum, the reigning champion.

The battle was intense, and at the end,
Karok stood triumphant.

Akum took off the tribe's belt,
and handed it to Karok.

Beware of victory. It is short lived
and goes quickly to your head.

Giants fight to test their strength.
Victory is only a byproduct.

The strength of the giants is a tool to
keep the world harmonious, not to win.


One day, a knight from the human city of Albern arrived in
their forest. Her name was Anise. She was injured.

Karok was the one who led her into town
and cared for her.

I need to return to Albern.

She mumbled the words through her injuries.

I will help you regain your strength.
For now, do not worry. Just rest, fellow.

Karok nurtured Anise and helped her recover.

Eventually, Anise regained her strength.
It was time for her to depart.

Karok... I need to ask you a favor.

He gathered the giants at her request.

Help me drive the Fomors out of Albern!

The giants shook their heads.

Our duty is to protect the balance of power.
We cannot break the balance to help you.

Anise pleaded, her eyes filled with tears.

But the giants would not help her.

Even Karok could not decide between protecting
the balance and helping Anise.

So Anise left the forest alone.

Karok reflected deeply on the incident.

What was the purpose of the balance of power?
Was it worth the cost?


He knew what he had to do. He gathered the others
and held up the belt of the tribe.

The one who held the belt had the right to make an important
decision on behalf of the tribe at a pivotal time.

Over the roar of the crowd, Karok shouted.

I invoke the power of the belt! I have made a decision!

All of you... You will exile me!

And with that, it was done.
No one could stop him.

Karok rushed toward Albern, toward Anise.

When he got there, he saw that the Fomors
had taken the city.


A two-headed ogre with a giant hammer stood at the gates.
Anise was sprawled on the ground, critically wounded.

I'm here, fellow! Anise!

The ogre swung his hammer, and Karok lifted both hands
to meet it.

The hammer broke in two, and Karok held the head
of the hammer in his hands.

It was like a gigantic pillar, taller than Karok himself.

He used the pillar to strike the weaponless ogre,
over and over.

When the Fomors saw the mangled mess that was left of the
ogre's body, they fled from Albern.


Karok... You did it...
You saved my city...

Those were the last words she ever spoke. Then, the reason
he had forsaken his people was gone, just like that.

He had left his home for nothing.

Was this the trap Akum had warned him about?

Endless battle awaited him in the human world.

Karok reflected deeply.

He looked at the sword Anise had left behind.

It was the mark of a knight who cherished honor.

Karok decided not to regret his choice.

He would watch to see what the balance of the world
looked like from the eyes of a human.