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Kritika Online

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Open Beta June 29

Due to the condition Vindictus is in I left and started searching for new games to fill the void. Kritika looks very similar to Vindi with the exception that it is cell shaded (which I adore).
Ty @GanonGamer34 for mentioning this game.


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    This thread can remain open for discussions about the game, however, please do not advertise or link to download sites.

    Thank you for your understanding ^^
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    Yeah I played Kritika during CBT. OBT opens 12pm EST on Thursday. Was refreshing to play a game with a progressive enhancement model. Only online game I ever played that let me max out a weapon completely for free. Cash shop currency can be earned ingame, if you're lucky and savvy enough. Definitely going to put a month into it, but might skip Starhenge.

    Twilight Spirits is also releasing on June 29th for Steam. So that's another nice distraction from the fading embers of Vindi.