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Pre-Rise TS Vella Nilfheim (SQ & Zeca)

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I am Nocatia, European core Vella player. I use both weapons, but Swords were always my favourite choice, thus reason of deciding to main this character. All the years of buggy crosscut made me play a bit of Chainblades though, especially during S2 times. I used to record 0 hits taken videos before it was cool, or when Ein Lacher was only a fan suggestion.

Within a week before "Rise" update has arrived to us, knowing the damage output changes and return of atk-cap in Nilfheim I decided to record some decent footage. I challenged myself not only to not be hit during solo play, but also tried to play effectively. Obviously mistakes and unused potential are always there, but after recording these few times I am satisfied enough. I hope You enjoy!

  • ATK: ~30k (the battle has uncapped ATK limit starting from 24k)
  • DEF: ~13k
  • STA: 203
  • BAL: 83
  • ATK SPD: 90 base
  • Critical: 141 (capped)
  • Critical Damage: 195
  • Crit Resist: 101
  • Additional DMG: 300 (+15)