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Gamepad setup questions

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Just a few questions for setting up gamepad, if anyone would like to help me out here:

1. Do you use the default bindings? If not, do you use the controller preset and change the mapping from that, or do you use keyboard mode preset and bind everything to the buttons?

2. How do you handle quickslots/items? I tried playing Hurk with gamepad a while ago and the circle thing with the quickslot icons on it just wasn't working for me. I'd also like to keep core skills bound to a button rather than using that circle menu, but with a ps2 controller type layout it seems like that might be a problem.

3. Where do you bind the kick and tab key? A lot of the characters have tab as an extra button for core abilities now, and I do play Karok quite a bit so I need both kick and grab to be accessible.

4. Do you use the align view/center camera on enemy feature, or the one that shows an arrow pointing at the enemy after they hit you? As a mouse mode player these are features I've always wanted to try playing with but again, being limited to the amount of buttons on a ps2 controller layout probably means I won't be able to use them if I'm going to bind 3-4 skills to their own buttons.

Edit: I just spent an hour playing with different layouts and found one that works for me:
I keep most of the camera things unchecked because it felt like I was fighting the camera the whole time I had them on. Auto-lock is nice but a little bit slow, I keep it on just for a bit of assistance when I've got my right thumb on face buttons. Not having a sprint button hurts a bit since it locks me out of sprintsmashes, really wish we had the always sprinting movement that XE has now. Overall I'm finding Vindi pretty comfortable to play with a gamepad, would recommend trying it even just for a moment of fun. I actually golded Colru for the first time while relearning the controls!

Feel free to answer my original questions anyways if you'd like, I'm still not 100% on what I have now and someone else might find this thread useful.


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    1. No. As for using controller mode and remapping or kb mode and remapping, I've done both actually.

    2. I put one quickslot on the left bumper and 1, 2 and 3 on the dpad. On the 4th driection of the dpad I have the "slot switcher" function. Which alternates between the first and second quickbars. This gives me 8 quickslots.

    3. Depends on the character. Fiona uses kick a lot for dash and focal point activation so for her i have it on the right trigger. I use b on my xbox pad for deflect and for some character's tab skills.

    4. I've wondered about auto align, i just use the sticks to move the camera.