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Was Going to Come Back

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edited June 22, 2017 in General Discussion
But I quickly realized why I left in the first place. The fact that literally every element of progression is a gamble where all odds are against you, and it's worse now than ever before with 5 more enhancement levels for the top 1% of the 1% that only serve to taunt everyone else, and +13-15 being made even more unlikely to get, along with the fact that you can no longer enhance a weapon after it's been broken. This is lower than I ever thought they could go. Of course, I could still continue with my +12 I/V Regina TS because they were broken long before any news of this update was on the horizon anywhere, right?


Contacted support about it twice and got the same answer about it. Despite the fact that being unenhanceable was completely off the table at the time that I broke the TS, they will not do anything. They should have grandfathered existing boomed weapons anyways so that they would still be enhanceable, but nope. The level of uncaring shameless cash grabbing built on a core progression system that can't stand on its own legs due to being entirely a zero sum game where 10 people must lose everything for 1 to succeed has made me reconsider. Just a PSA post. It won't change anything, but I wanted to say it anyway.