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Post-Rise Update's Lag, FPS drops and bugs.

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As stated in the title, a big majority of players (in my case in the European Server) have been exceperiencing various Post-Rise Update's issues that i'll try to list. (Excuse my english spelling and grammar errors , i'm from Italy.)

1-" Bugged Friendlist"

By opening the the "Social" Tab (Shortcut key button "O"), the users cannot see the people that were added into the Friendlist before the Rise Update.
Any attempt to Add other players in the Friendlist gives the following Error Message: http://i65.tinypic.com/2vcguvd.jpg
However the Block List functions have remained intact.

2-"Multi-Processing Bug"

To reproduce the following bug, a player have to Create a Party through QuickBattle or Dockboards and set the Multi-Processing feature.
During the playing session the ping bars will drop to low values, making every player in the party to experience FPS drops and lag.
This issue can be mildly avoided by setting off the Multi-Processing feature, previous the Creation of the Party Room.

3-"Overall Increased delays inbetween input and output"

After updating RISE into the game, I noticed slower movements and input-output delayed responses while Hosting and playing with other Hosters.
Setting Multi-Processing OFF before creating a battle, does not influence it. I believe this is an issue coming from the server and/or game itself.

4-"Sprint Running Bug"

It happens only inside royal raids, if a player start sprinting for 5-6 seconds, he/she will experience FPS drops while running.

I play on a Desktop PC Build with an i7-4790k and a GTX 1070. My internet connection used to allow me to host up to 8 players right before the RISE updates, so i don't think the problem is from my side.


  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Agree with all those bugs , noticed even fiew more.
  • BubolinaBubolina
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    For me the game is unplayable after Rise! My ping drops to 2 bars no mather what i do. Host or not, with multi or without multi. My fps is around 59 so not a pc issue, but Its a slideshow and sadly i cant play like that, so i leave the game for now. Mby some day i'll come back, mby not, if this take too long to be fixed. I'm realy tired to w8 one thing to be fixed, just to see another pop-up and w8 again.

    P.S. My connection is 50/50 MB optical with 3-4 ping. I was able to host 8ppl raid before and np at all.
  • BeepBeepImAJeepBeepBeepImAJeep
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    The friendlist's bug has been fixed.
    Now we have to see when the will tech team fix connectivity and latency issues (mostly revolving around the multi-processing bug).
  • EroShinigamiEroShinigami
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    uhm can you look into this Substory season 1: - Collecting Sheats ( as you know the quest is telling you to bring to this markiplier guy 5 leather sheats and you have them but when you turn them in it just reapeat his statement again and again.)
    If you guys have the time to repair this it will be wonderful xD , thx for your time.