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Rise Events

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The Rise: Revolution Update is here, and while the massive list of changes and improvements might be enough to draw you in, we're sweetening the pot with a trio of events with huge rewards, no matter how you want to play!

Revolution Weeks Event

We're kicking off the Rise: Revolution event with three weeks of big giveways for anyone that stays logged in! Each week, join us in Vindictus for 60 hours total to claim items with flashy or adorable styles that's all yours!

Power of Change Event

We're welcoming back our old friends and giving everyone the chance for a ton of items with Power of Change Event! Team up with new or returning players for special Exchange Shop Tickets. Stay logged in to claim even more and turn them in for special Emblems, powerful utility items and more!

Revolution Celebration Event

That's not all, though. We're kicking off two weeks of long EXP and AP Bonuses, with 4 hours of double EXP and AP each weekday and all weekend long!

Read more about the events here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/23487/rise-events


  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    Saygo wrote: »
    while the massive list of changes and improvements might be enough to draw you ins

    Saygo, REALLY???? lol draw me in, you are not too far from kicking me out.
  • MoeEveryWeekMoeEveryWeek
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    Saygo, isn't 60 hours per week a little too much, I mean 8.5 hours per day, at least consider our health as well, it's not like we can play for that long, especially when some of us have school, work, etc.
    Also taking in the fact that it could pretty much damage our bodies as well.
  • VinVinVinVin
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    edited June 22, 2017
    I guess they expect you to be afk, I don't think they expect anyone to play for that long... hopefully. They do way too many afk events.

    But the problem with afk events is that they can be dangerous. You may forgot at one point that you have Vindictus running in the background, and you may start some modding program meant for another game, or a debugger if you are programmer, etc, and boom, you'll get banned by their rootkit which is spying all you are doing.

    And this event doesn't even worth to have the game running in the background.
  • then00bthen00b
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    The other explanation is they want us to afk with Vindictus open all day.
  • ScheherazadeScheherazade
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    60 hours per week is way too much. It's just not healthy and only doable if you go afk.
    4 hours on average per day is what I would consider more reasonable.
  • The_VillainThe_Villain
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    How do we go about finding those special new/returning players.. Do they have some sort of marking or something?
  • KarijunaKarijuna
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    Posts: 196
    Returners have a green clover, new players have a red...heart or whatever that's supposed to be. If a party has one of these in it, it is also marked by these symbols in the party list.
  • IngkellsIngkells
    Vindictus Rep: 1,405
    Posts: 130
    can we petition to fire the person who keeps pushing sprouts?
  • maelturdmaelturd
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    Can I get the supreme wings box from the ontime box?