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A Vindi Wishlist

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I usually like massive walls of text, but I'm keeping this one simple: things I want to see either added, emphasized, or outright removed from Vindictus.

Let's go!

Secondary Weapons:
-Scaling damage on spears based on attack power. Knockdown rate can remain the same.
-Removal of 'Fine' spears and bombs. All spears are equal.
-Critical hit locations on all bosses. Either these cause flinching or extra damage with spears, or a short stun with chain hooks (akin to Vella's Frostbite).
-Bombs are visually larger, deal scaling damage, and can be 'prepped' in the hand.

-Scaling damage on crates, boxes, plates, pots, and all other environmental objects.
-Faster attack animations when using objects, and more mobility as well.
-Faster flight time on most light thrown objects, and much greater damage on heavy objects.
-Fighting using purely environmental objects should be somewhat inconvenient, but rival real weapons in terms of damage and have much better knockdown.

-Defense on all gear is increased across the board significantly.
-Base defense while wearing no gear is significantly decreased.
-Monsters now deal much less damage while armor is intact, but are now significantly more painful than before against broken/no armor.

-Attack and Energy potions are removed. They're pointless and don't feel interesting to use.
-Stims now provide half their effect when their effect doesn't proc, making it less like a game of roulette.
-Health potions changed, and most heal for more. Normals can be consumed while moving and while grounded, but can never receive potion mastery. Fine potions exist as they do now. Superiors are changed to heal for similar to Fines, but leave a lasting Heal Over Time.
-Potion proficiency now passively increases the healing of all potions up to 50% at max rank; this is to keep up with health totals slowly getting higher.
-All fish effects are massively upgraded from 100hp every minute to 5% hp every 5 seconds. Can be shared during the ready-up phase of a boat. Eating prevents you from eating again for a certain amount of time, and certain boats will cancel food buffs (Niffleheim).

Upgrading Equipment:
-All Enchant scrolls are taken a second look at. Useless ones that provide less than ~20 total stat points and no special effect are removed. Others (like Yeti) are buffed to be more in line with Impending, Valor, and others.
-Infusion is removed. Existing enchantments are improved to compensate. Because really, Infusions are just stats and provide nothing else.
-Existing Elemental stones are converted into their value in Brynn Elixirs. Existing infused will be turned into a random enchant reflective of the type of stone used and added to the player's inventory.
-Brynn Elixir requirements changed. Lower level enchants only require as low as 25 Brynns for max effect. Newer scrolls may go up to 150.
-Enhancement stones now drop from raid bosses.

-Players can now participate in battle quests and story quests they are not yet the right level for as long as one person in the group is capable of running it. They will receive credit and materials for future quests they have not yet accepted should they finish.
-Earlier quests are streamlined. Most of the kobold and Fomorian Base instances are removed, as are a few of the s2 story quests, reducing the number of overall battle missions (these are missions like Little Green Beetle or West Hilder Forest where the scenery is the same as other missions, or "Throw!" which is a meaningless solo quest and disrupts group play).
-Group members are no longer booted from party after finishing a story mission.


  • SiochainSiochain
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    All of that would be nice. Especially being able to play quests with someone else who is not up to that level yet.
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    -Defense on all gear is increased across the board significantly."

    The only thing I disagree with... We have a dodge key don't we? And if we need the extra defense that badly.. let's just enhance our armor.

    Every other suggestion is great especially the environment and secondary weapon stuff.