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Season 2 Hosting

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Is there a way to host season 2 dungeons that you've already completed like Wasp Hive? I recently got a few friends into the game and one of them doesn't have the best internet. I was offering to host her season 2 dungeons but it would seem that since I've already done them, I cannot re-access them on the board. This forces my friend to host & it's not a pretty sight. Any ideas?


  • RakushuRakushu
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    Unfortunately, the quest holder have to host the run.
    It easier to find these kind of dungeons when new characters were introduced.
  • GldPhoenixGldPhoenix
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    It is quite unfortunate that only people with the story quest can host it. They should definitely look into that in the future (probably not)
  • TheGreatCreidneTheGreatCreidne
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    Probably because those quests give a lot of exp. Now if they made it so that your exp was significantly reduced after your first time doing the quest, then they should allow all players to replay those dungeons. Would help so much for the quest raids also.

  • 탱크블레이드탱크블레이드
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    Yeah I don't think that's changing any time soon even in Korea. Im in that phase on Fiona where I have to search for S2 story runs xD granted we have a lot of players on KR. Not nearly as much as during seasonal break from class but still a lot so finding an S2 story boat isnt too painful.