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Favorite Events? Favorite Sales?


  • ZensZens
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    +1 quality coupons
    +10-+15 Enhance Coupons
    Horn-Rimmed Avatar Glasses since they have the Limited Stats

    Coins for scrolls event was so good we need it again!
    the Free Premium Enhance rune from Attendance event as well
    The fishing event gave so much mats it was awesome XD
  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited November 10, 2016
    Ultimate Objectives was a great event that got people to actually play the game. They'd probably need to make the rare prizes r7 scrolls and orange materials, or even airtight stuff if they redid it these days. Should also carefully consider the active server population before picking the completion numbers so we don't have a repeat of the SAO crossover version of the event.

    Can't really comment on sales because I've never been much of an nx spender. I guess I like anything that can introduce more airtight items for the server.
  • CatAngelCatAngel
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    edited November 10, 2016
    I like the scroll token event. The S1 and S2 raids were active daily. image