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Rise: Revolution Preview


  • MrGoldMrGold
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    edited June 20, 2017
    Thanks for forcing me into 4 man raids now for S3, with no option to go 8 man. So much for player choice. Just a lazy way to reduce lag for players, and hosts, by reducing the max number. Now you only have to hear complaints from the small group of players that still run Neam only 4 times a week. Well played.

    Nexon: "Hey I got an idea! Lets make early game improvements, that should've been implemented 6 years ago, to encourage more people to play through till end game. Then we'll cut the max players for ALL raids(except the really time consuming ones) in half. That'll promote more players to want to play."

  • PixelPantsuPixelPantsu
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    I'm not ready.
  • DaPlayaDaPlaya
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    MrGold wrote: »
    Thanks for forcing me into 4 man raids now for S3, with no option to go 8 man.

    Was this confirmed in the live stream? I missed part of it.

  • MrGoldMrGold
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    Apparently it was, from what I've been hearing.
  • LynnCUBELynnCUBE
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    VinVin wrote: »
    I did read there will be a daily Limit of 5 Battles each day for S1 and S2 dung's can anyone confirm that 100%??

    For KR yes it's a thing. We didn't have it until around maybe a few days later. They've been ironing out the update with constant emergency maintenance's. No idea if NA will adopt the 5 runs a day for S1 and 2

    Can the old S2 nerfed raids still drop scrolls? I guess that would be their reason to do something like this.

    Yes, even normal mode S2 drops Ranks 8-9 Enchant Scrolls.
    However, as explained above, each S1-S2 battles are limited to 5 times a day thanks to the chinese bots farming the scrolls in normal mode.

    The drop rate was very high (2~3 ES drops per normal mode Raid) but they have been reduced. I don't know which changes (made few days after the RISE Update in KR Server) are being added in the NA/EU release.