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Revelation Online or Tera?

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I want to try both but I heard Tera went downhill after some updates or whatever. I know it wouldn't really apply to me since I would just start playing and wouldn't really give a crap but what I do care about is the community and how many people play. I like to be surrounded by people in MMORPGS because it does get lonely to just look at my character. Which game has more players?


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    Tera relies more on guilds than Vindi does because some raids are just impossible to solo and occasionally TeamSpeak/Discord is needed. At least this is what i experienced in a year that i was playing. I had been in a guild of 5 people + 2 outsiders and it was probably the most fun experience i've ever had in an MMO. ^^

    The downside of it that every MMO has is getting bored of the end-game contents. We usually were doing Champion's Skyring (3v3 arena), Corsair's Stronghold (20v20 siege match), Alliance territory wars (this one was the only laggy thing in the game in my opinion), Fraywind Canyon and Kumasylum occasionally, Wonderholme, Kelsaik's Nest, Manaya's Core, Sirjuka's Gallery, Crucible of Flame and Nexus. Also if you want to create a guild and keep it small then it's the best to have at least a friendly guild with whom you can make a raid party.

    That's it but i haven't played since the gunner release so a lot of things might have changed. Too bad i'm getting tired of MMO's in general so i wouldn't be able to play it with the same passion after all this time. The same about Vindi. S5ALfDV.png

    I haven't played Revelation Online so i can say nothing about it.