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Volcanic Defuser title

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kosc wrote: »
Here is the currently known list of titles that are no longer obtainable in KR after RISE:

7. Volcanic Defuser title for killing the gigabomb 20 times from battle Burning Temple - this boss pattern is removed from both hero/normal difficulty

I thought I'd just open this particular title out for discussion to provide some means for those who are struggling to obtain it. Obviously, the best way to obtain this title is to have a partner because Druid will often sit on top of the bomb when trying to solo, and both of you can share the heat. There is a way to solo though.

The best method I've found is a combination of Dark Cloud, Jade Fox, and Chambers of Death. If you land a full Chambers of Death on the Gigabomb, you will generate around 85% heat, but I was able to take out 2/5 bars of the bomb rather quickly. This is best used with Jade Fox because Jade Fox will nullify all damage and heat dealt by Druid if he hits you while you're using Chambers.

Normally when soloing Druid, you simply save a Windstep buff, run get some distance from the boss, and then activate the Windstep to evade the Gigabomb explosion. This can still be a useful skill if you are trying to defuse 20 bombs in one run because you will probably need both water grenades for each Gigabomb, and if they don't spawn fast enough or if Druid doesn't roar your heat gauge to zero, then you will need to dodge a bomb. Of course, you could also do things the slow way and restarting the mission to defuse the first Gigabomb 20 different times.

- 15,000 ATT ???
- 80 balance
- 30 attack speed ???
- a Mysterious Cat Statue artifact
- maxed Chambers of Death
- maxed Critical Hit Mastery
- maxed Smash Mastery

I'm not sure how much ATT you really need since you'll just be killing the Gigabomb, but you definitely don't need the ATT cap of 18k because I was able to do it at 15k with a +10 Leopard's Bloodlust Dancing Blade Glaive. If you're simply restarting the mission 20 different times, then you might not need 30 attack speed because taking out the first Gigabomb is easy. To defuse the first bomb guaranteed, all you need to do is generate enough SP to Jade Fox, have a water grenade already on hand when it spawns, and be as close to zero heat as possible. When the first bomb drops, activate Jade Fox and either start Chambers of Death on it if you're at 0% heat, or Dark Cloud if you already have your heat gauge up. Throw some water on the floor to cool yourself, and then perform Chambers of Death.

- Lion's Roar will deal about one bar of health in damage to the Gigabomb but also generate a lot of heat instantly (around 60% ?).