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Roleplaying NPC - what if...

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You can play as other NPC beside Ceara, such as...

Ferghus, and in your Ferghus skill panel, there is a passive:
"Each 100 AD you absorbed from a +13 or higher weapon give +1 ats permanently"

Or Brynn with
"Each orange primary you obtained from booming lvl 90 stuff give +1 crit permanently"

Or Videk
"You gain +1000 HP every 100 infusion stones used"

Will ppl willingly blowing up their wallet to gain those precious stats instead of crying, and PUG boat will be filled with those 3 new "playable NPC"?
  1. Will ppl willingly blowing up their wallet to gain those precious stats instead of crying?17 votes
    1. Yes
       53% (9 votes)
    2. No
       47% (8 votes)


  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited November 5, 2016
    I guess it depends which character's moveset they would be using. I can't imagine people would be too happy about having to play as Karok or Hammer Fiona if they wanted the Ferghus passive.

    If this were real I'd want FlovianVidek to have Observer Morgue's moveset and model size.
  • BlawrghBlawrgh
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    Reilly is where it's at. Manic ol' man even solo'd Glas.
  • AequipondiumAequipondium
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    Hell yes that means guaranteed success. The effort I put will actually mean something.
  • HallyHally
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    I'd vote yes; because the price for those stat boots listed in the OP are dirt cheap compared to the actual rates.